Sweet alchemy Mietta by Rosemary

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Rosemary Andrews is a name synonymous with sweet elegance in the world of culinary arts. She is now the proud founder of Mietta by Rosemary, a pop-up bakery that has become a haven of delight in Malvern. Her journey, from collaborating with Ben Shewry on the “dessert trolley of dreams” to launching her own venture, showcases her creativity and expertise in pastry.

03 February 2024

The birth of Mietta by Rosemary comes after two years of meticulous planning and balancing her dessert box business. It was her successful one-day pop-up at Co Bake Space in June that catalysed this venture. The name - ‘Mietta’, translating from Italian as 'sweet little thing' and ‘Rosemary’, which means remembrance - is Rosemary's tribute to life's sweet moments, often shared over a slice of cake.

Mietta by Rosemary is not just any bakery. It's a destination pop-up where Rosemary's signature layer cakes, including the Honey-Misu layer cake, 8 Layer Carrot Cake, and Honey, Espresso and Dulce de Leche layer cake, take the spotlight. Her repertoire also includes other favourites like the Dulcey Baked Cheesecake and the two-texture Valrhona Chocolate Cake.

The bakery's latest addition, a machine serving vanilla soft serve made with Gippsland Jersey milk and topped with Valrhona chocolate sauce, offers a treat that complements her array of baked wonders.

Rosemary's focus on detail and finesse extends to the bakery's design. Collaborating with GOLDEN, a local design studio, the space is a reflection of Parisian patisserie elegance, with a soft palette featuring marble and gold accents. The decor, including wall lights, custom shelving and a handmade flower wall, mirrors the layered beauty of her cakes.

From early days baking with her mother and grandmother to her professional beginnings at 16, Rosemary’s path led her through Melbourne’s renowned bakeries and restaurants, and stints in the prestigious London kitchens of Gordon Ramsay, The Ledbury, and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. Her role at Attica during Melbourne's 2020 lockdown and subsequent leadership at Attica Summer Camp also represented significant milestones in her career.

As Rosemary says, “Bringing joy to people is one of the main reasons I love being a pastry chef. Mietta reflects my career and what I am about – quality, delicious cakes that deliver happiness.”

Don’t miss the chance to savour Rosemary's exquisite cakes – a local experience not to be missed.