Mortadella Skewers with Pine Syrup from Meatsmith

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Celebrated chef and restaurateur Andrew McConnell (Gimlet, Cutler & Co) and world-class butcher Troy Wheeler opened Meatsmith in Melbourne’s Fitzroy to serve a community of home cooks.

01 November 2023

With butcher shops now in St Kilda, Brighton and Balwyn, Meatsmith has gained a cult following as the place to find not only a perfect cut of meat, but a great bottle of wine, an essential pantry staple, or some expert culinary advice.

In their new cookbook Meatsmith: Home Cooking for Friends and Family, Andrew and Troy have included over 80 trusted recipes that celebrate the Meatsmith ethos of exchanging knowledge and ideas as well as creating a record of how and what they like to cook at home.

Serves 2

20 thin slices mortadella

50 ml (31/2 fl oz) olive oil

100 ml (31/2 fl oz) pine syrup, or maple syrup

cornichons, to serve (optional)


Preheat the barbecue to medium-high heat. Fold the mortadella slices into quarters, making a square parcel. Take 4 skewers and thread 5 of the folded parcels onto each skewer.

Brush the mortadella with the olive oil and cook for 4–5 minutes, turning frequently to make sure they get an even caramelisation. Just before they have finished cooking, remove from the barbecue, brush with a little pine syrup and return to the barbecue to caramelise. When golden, remove immediately.

Dress the skewers with a little more pine syrup to serve.

Recipe Notes

The trick here is to grill the mortadella quickly, whether over charcoal or in a frying pan, so it gets slightly crisp, caramelised edges with a warm, soft centre. Pine syrup is a sweet and herbaceous Italian condiment typically served with cheese, but it also works beautifully with this classic Italian deli meat. We stock pine syrup at Meatsmith, and some good delis and specialty food stores will sell it. If pine syrup is unavailable, the best-quality maple syrup you can find is a good substitute.

This is an edited extract from Meatsmith by Andrew McConnell and Troy Wheeler (Hardie Grant Books, RRP $60). Meatsmith is available in stores nationally.

Photography: © Mark Roper 2023


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