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Step behind the curtain with Oliver Gabelich, investment-grade art curator of Mickys art gallery, for an exclusive behind-the-scenes exploration of the spaces where today’s sought-after artists exhibit their groundbreaking pieces.

30 November 2023

These galleries, spanning Australia and the international art scene, are redefining traditional art spaces with their unique aesthetics and exclusive access—a world often reserved for the discerning few on the path to building a significant art portfolio. Meet the trailblazers whose works are setting the tone for the future of art and explore the venues that have become their sanctuaries and stages.

01. Katsu Bot @ The Hole (New York City)

Katsu Bot, conceived by the artist Katsu, represents a groundbreaking fusion of robotics and street art. This autonomous graffiti-creating robot pushes the boundaries of conventional artistry, questioning the roles of creator and machine in the artistic process.

The Hole: Since its inception in July 2010, The Hole has been dedicated to presenting monthly solo and group exhibitions, primarily spotlighting emerging art and thematic collections. The gallery serves as a venue for performances, events, and interdisciplinary projects, nurturing collaboration within the downtown artist community.

02. Georg Oskar @ Fondazione Made In Cloister, (Napoli, Italy)

Georg Óskar, an Icelandic painter, is celebrated for his poignant canvases that delve into the depths of human emotion, employing a palette of vivid hues and figures that resonate with expressive spontaneity.

Fondazione Made In Cloister: Fondazione Made in Cloister is a cultural foundation dedicated to revitalizing the historical Cloister of Santa Caterina in Naples, Italy, by fostering a dialogue between contemporary art, craftsmanship, and the community, through exhibitions, workshops, and creative projects.

03. Dale Frank @ Neon Parc (Melbourne)

Australian artist Dale Frank is renowned for his vivid abstract paintings and innovative material use, often incorporating unconventional substances to push traditional painting’s boundaries. His dynamic works have garnered international acclaim and recognition.

Neon Parc: Established in 2006, Neon Parc represents both emerging and established contemporary Australasian artists. With a diverse array of solo and group exhibitions, its program offers a platform to contextualise local artists with their interstate, national and international peers.

04. Gregory Hodge @ Sullivan+Strumpf (Melbourne)

Gregory Hodge is internationally acclaimed for his abstract paintings that masterfully employ trompe-l’oeil techniques, drawing from the realms of historical art and scenic design to challenge perceptions of space and form.

Sullivan+Strumpf: Established in 2005, Sullivan+Strumpf is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading contemporary art galleries, representing some of the most engaging Australian and international artists. It offers an innovative program that includes publications, talks, and art fairs, nurturing the region’s leading contemporary talents.

5. Aurel K Basedow @ Salone del Mobile (Milano, Italy)

Aurel K. Basedow is a contemporary artist, whose work is recognised for its inventive fusion of classic methods with modern conceptual art, creating pieces that speak to a wide array of artistic sensibilities.

Salone del Mobile: The annual Salone del Mobile of Milan is a showcase of consummate design, gathering preeminent talent in furniture and interiors to reveal pioneering trends and artisanship from distinguished global brands and avant-garde designers.

06. Daisy Parris @ Alzueta Gallery (Barcelona, Spain)

Daisy Parris is a contemporary artist whose work is characterised by raw, emotive expressionism, often exploring themes of human connection, social landscapes, and personal identity through bold, gestural brushwork.

Alzueta: Alzueta Gallery offers a platform where the ambition and works of contemporary artists converge, transcending aesthetics to probe ethical depths. With a global reach, the gallery champions modernity and transformative ideas, seeking to leverage art’s power to enhance lives from Barcelona to the world.

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