In conversation with Jen Bishop – The Interiors Addict

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Author By Kerrie Allen

15 February 2024

Step into the world of Jen Bishop, the personality behind the influential blog 'The Interiors Addict,' a platform that has inspired a diverse and enthusiastic community of followers. Join us as we uncover how Jen's vision and passion have made her a key figure in the world of interior design.

What aspects of interior design captivate you the most, and can you describe the driving force behind your passion for this domain?

What I love most about interior design, something I’ve appreciated since childhood, is the significant impact your home can have on your happiness and mood. I’ve always viewed my home as a sanctuary, a place that enhances my happiness and calmness, truly reflecting my personality. I firmly believe that your home should reflect you and those who live in it, which is why the styling aspect of interior design is so important and should be enjoyable. It’s about imprinting your unique mark on your home and personalising it. This process has brought me immense joy, from my own bedroom at age 13, through various rental homes (including shared apartments), to now, in a family home my husband and I own and have renovated from scratch. Ultimately my blog is about inspiring everyone to find this same joy from their homes, regardless of budget or circumstances. I am deeply passionate about helping people enjoy their homes, whether it’s through colour, furniture selection, optimising storage, coffee table styling, a new kitchen, or a complete renovation. 

When embarking on renovation projects, what key elements do you believe are essential to strike the right balance between luxury and practicality?

As a mum of young boys, practicality is always very important. Items that are difficult to maintain or care for only lead to stress and wasted time. Choices I’ve made, like durable stone benchtops, a no-maintenance composite deck that doesn’t require staining, and high-quality hard floors that look as good as new years later, have justified their cost. Although these practical choices have been expensive ones, they’ve been worth the investment. High-quality, durable choices are a luxury. However, in our family home, practical also means less expensive options like synthetic rugs that are easy to clean and mid-range sofas with removable, washable covers, which we aren’t too precious about! More enjoyable luxuries to me would be art and accessories. If you choose these things based on a real love for them, you’ll always find a place for them, even if you move house or change your style. 

Looking ahead, what interior design directions do you anticipate dominating this year, and how can individuals integrate these trends into their homes?

In terms of colour, we can expect to see more of it, in general, with people being braver and having more fun with it. This can only be a good thing in my book, and at the end of the day, it’s just paint, and you can paint over it! The power of paint to transform a space should never be underestimated. Many things that we have seen trending for the past couple of years will continue to be popular this year, like arches and curves, wall panelling such as VJ, wainscoting and modern concave designs, fluted glass in shower screens and kitchen cabinet doors, timber in bathrooms and the use of sustainable and natural materials like marble. Ultimately though, you should follow your heart and what you love, rather than changing things up each year depending on what’s on trend. This has been my own approach for the last few years, perhaps dipping into the odd trend in small doses, but only because I really love it and feel it works in my space. 

Throughout your journey with The Interiors Addict, could you share some memorable experiences or insights gained from collaborating with renowned designers?

As a journalist who loves interiors but doesn’t actually have any qualifications in design, collaborating with and interviewing high-profile, talented designers is always both a privilege and a thrill. I also love to bring their insights to a more mainstream audience. Ghost-writing Greg Natale’s first coffee table book, ‘The Tailored Interior’, was a career highlight and marked the first time I’d worked on a book despite having been a writer for many years. Greg taught me so much about interior design during the process, and it was a very rewarding challenge to translate his natural talent and knowledge into written form for others to learn from. 

What do you consider the single most impactful renovation or update that homeowners can undertake to significantly increase the value of their home?

This will always depend on your circumstances, how long you’re planning to stay, and the real estate market at the time, but a new kitchen, a great outdoor entertaining area and skylights would be some of my recommendations! 

For 2024, what is your top pick for a smart home technology product that combines style with functionality?

I’m a huge fan of smart home technology. In my own home, I have remote-controlled blinds, a video doorbell, solar-powered skylights with blinds I can open and close from my phone, lamps on timers to turn on in the evening, and various devices like air conditioning controlled via Google Home. Even my 5-year-old knows how to ask his bedroom speaker to play lullabies! In terms of a product that combines style and functionality, I think remote-controlled window furnishings are a great option, especially if they’re controlled via an app.


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