In conversation with Hamish Munro

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Hamish Munro's jewellery is a celebration of precision, beauty, and proportion.

23 November 2023

In our conversation, we delve into his process of creating pieces that are both clean and sculptural, each one a nostalgic nod to the past yet distinctly modern in its form.

Munro’s work honours the intimate connection between adornment and wearer, transforming everyday inspirations into timeless mementos. Join us as we uncover the stories behind his remarkable creations.

Your jewellery pieces are described as reflecting the world while honouring the intimacy of the body. How do you strike that balance between global influences and personal connection in your designs?

I draw inspiration from and respond to the simple elements that are often overlooked in life—those observed moments. My designs represent an abstract and studied examination of the everyday. The hand, wrist, or ear serves as the intended site for my designs, and this guiding constraint is what provides clarity to my process. The ring is a very strong and meaningful object to humans, and this connection must always be respected, remaining at the forefront of all aspects of jewellery design.

When working with precious metals and stones, what informs your design approach?

In the initial stages of a design, I have a clear sense of how I want a piece to start. I intentionally introduce challenges that I need to overcome to strengthen the design and achieve new outcomes. Through that problem solving phase, the principles of precision and proportions are my main focus. It’s important to know how to balance these two principles.

Your time in Paris seems to have had a profound impact on your work. Was there a particular architectural element or moment in the city that sparked your inspiration for the “Orders Collection” and your collections that followed?

I designed the Orders Collection in 2016, immediately after returning home from living in Paris. It was a direct response, a means of digesting and deconstructing the complexities of that intense city. This work followed a period of processing and reflecting on how the city’s rich cultural and architectural history had impacted me.

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Your pieces embody luxury. What does luxury mean to you, and how do you envision it fitting into the everyday lives of those who wear your jewellery?

To me, the concept of luxury truly materialises when a genuine connection is established and is subsequently upheld through a well-thought-out, authentic, and caring experience.

In today’s world, many brands adhere to the formula of luxury ideals and go through the motions of what is commonly perceived as luxury. However, the delivery often feels insincere and manufactured. I believe people are starting to notice the imperfections in the facade of what we previously understood as luxury. The future of luxury will place more emphasis on discovery and fostering a well-considered personal connection to something authentic.

Please expand on your constant pursuit of the “unknown” in techniques and processes.

Design is an endless path to find new arrangements and compositions that challenge what we know or how we feel. Design responds to a time and place which is forever changing. As a designer, I’m forever learning and refining my craft.