In conversation with Flack Studio

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Flack Studio’s internationally renowned, multi-disciplinary team of designers and architects breathe life into spaces with contemporary elegance.

10 August 2023

Through a harmonious blend of furniture, lighting, fittings, and textiles, they shape a unique aesthetic within their projects. Each creation by Flack Studio embodies sophistication, offering a comprehensive yet idiosyncratic sensory experience, with their innovative designs continually redefining the boundaries of creativity.

We spoke to David Flack about the team’s signature ethos and the symbiotic nature of their creative process.

As the founder of Flack Studio, how do you infuse your personal ethos into the culture of the studio, and how does this impact the design outcomes?

My personal ethos is one of perpetual curiosity. The work we do at the studio is inspired by the books and art that surround us and new experiences garnered from travel. Each time I go overseas or somewhere new in Australia, I bring back fresh references to share with the team.

Each Flack Studio creation bears a distinctive aesthetic hallmark. Could you please expand on how you seamlessly weave this signature style into each project while simultaneously addressing the individual demands of each client?

We craft homes and spaces that are unique to the people that will inhabit them, and they are all designed with the site conditions and existing architecture in mind.

This comes from engaging in conversation and listening intently to even the small things that a client says.

Every project begins with an exploration of what the perfect home would entail and is realised through a long journey of consultation.

In regard to this distinctively Flack Studio quality, are there any consistent elements, themes, or philosophies that underpin your projects?

At Flack, we ruthlessly focus on materiality, layered details and creating bold yet effortless spaces. We want people to walk in and feel like the space feels comfortable in its own skin.

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Please elaborate on the symbiotic nature of your creative process: How do you harmoniously interweave your distinct artistic perspective with the input from your collaborators?

Our architecture and design practice is based on research. Firstly, for inspiration, and then in terms of identifying key collaborators in the areas of; material finishes, furniture, fabrics, floor covering, lighting, landscape and art. These are all very important relationships in which we invest much time and care. Working together creatively with respect for the expertise each party brings to the table is what pushes our projects forward into new and innovative realms. When you work with Flack, you’re also working with a unique team of collaborators and craftspeople who are hugely talented and that we love dearly.

How does your studio approach the blending of traditional and modern elements in a project?

Our homes have a timeless quality created through the combination of an acknowledgement of history, whilst being thoroughly contemporary. In designing them, we draw from many sources that exemplify the best of architecture and design across all eras.

Materiality is evidently of paramount importance in your designs. Could you tell us how Flack Studio uses textural complexity to generate engaging contrasts within your designs?

I am acutely interested in the symphony of materials and how they can work together, whether it’s a contrast or otherwise. When working with the team, I often say if you think it is “right” … then it probably isn’t!

What is your vision for the future growth and development of Flack Studio?

Currently, we are a team of 16 designers and architects. Our vision is to continue to create homes and spaces of distinction in locations all around the world. Put simply, to keep doing what we are doing, which is exactly what we love.

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