Colour: A property stylist's secret weapon

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When it comes to elevating a sales campaign, a property stylist's role is multifaceted.

09 November 2023

From updating aesthetics and introducing innovative design solutions to creating value with strategically designed zones, a proficient property stylist integrates elements to establish an emotional bond with potential buyers. Central to this strategy is the effective use of colour. When working with colours, it is relatively easy to refresh outdated aesthetics influenced by a vendor’s personal choices in furniture, artwork, and wall hues.

A stylist should possess the confidence to introduce a harmonious colour palette that complements the architectural design of the space. For instance, incorporating subtle warm shades can invigorate an industrial setting, while choosing earthy tones can effectively blend the exterior with the interiors of a compact, white inner-city apartment. The chosen colours profoundly influence the ambience of a space. Whilst stylists should avoid playing into trends, they can inject a fresh perspective using the appropriate palette. Open-plan spaces, sometimes overwhelming in their expansiveness, can be artfully segmented into functional zones by stylists. These might encompass a dedicated kids’ area, a home office, or even a secondary formal sitting area that benefits from a sunny aspect. A clever repeat of colour and complementary artwork throughout a vast open-plan space ensures the eye travels the room effortlessly, appreciating the interconnectedness of the space.

Elevating a property’s perceived value in the eyes of a buyer is another domain where colour plays a key role. While minimalist homes might resonate with a limited palette of two or three tones—neutrals and earthy shades currently leading buyers’ preferences—spaces with intriguing architecture and abundant natural light can embrace a more vibrant colour spectrum. Imagine large-scale artwork accentuated by sporadic pops of colour in feature furniture, or rugs adorned in gem tones or bold stripes. The interplay of artwork and colour around architectural elements can amplify scale and space allowing us to bring life into interiors using colour.

In today’s saturated digital landscape, property seekers are inundated with an abundance of images and visual cues. For a property to leave a lasting impression, it needs to stand out. We refer to this effect as the ‘made you look’ moment, when a real estate agent’s signage or advertising engages viewers. The advertising component of your campaign is another worthwhile investment, and we advocate for transforming that investment into a compelling image, highlighted by stunning photography and a considered use of colour.

The team at The Real Estate Stylist (TRES) is excited by the resurgence of colour in interior designs. This potent tool aids property stylists in assisting potential buyers to truly immerse themselves in the space. With the expertise of property stylists, the potential of your campaign is enhanced, inviting prospective homeowners to envision a future in their next home.

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