Chicken Corn Spring Roll from ShiHuiShi

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ShiHuiShi, Hotel Sorrento. Head Chef: Jerri Yi.

14 September 2023


Chicken Mince 1kg

Sweet Corn 200g

Light Soy Sauce 3 Tbsp

Finely Sliced Spring Onion 1/4 Cup

Ground White Pepper 2 Tsp

Mirin 2 Tsp

Finely Diced Onion 1

Sweet Soy Sauce 2 Tbsp

Ginger Mince 1 Tbsp


Add oil, and cook spring onion & ginger on medium heat for 40 seconds.

Then turn high heat, add chicken mince, seasoning with salt/pepper.

Once the chicken mince is cooked, add corn kernels (half blend to puree).

Add all the rest of the ingredients and taste. Cool it down in the fridge.

After cooling down, take a spoon mixture on the spring roll wrapper, roll it tightly, and close it with slurry. (water & flour mixture)

Makes 50 Pieces


5/15 Hotham Road, Sorrento