Alba Thermal Spring's Green Smoothie from Thyme

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Renowned chef Karen Martini shares her healthy Green Smoothie recipe from her Mornington Peninsula restaurant Thyme at Alba Thermal Springs.

21 September 2023


120gms baby spinach

2 pinches flaked salt

1⁄2 lemon pith removed, add the flesh sliced

1 large avocado ripe peeled and stoned

6 sprigs mint, leaves picked

1 lime leaf very finely shredded

250mls coconut water

250mls oat milk

1 tbsp honey (or pure maple syrup for vegans)

2 tsp melted virgin coconut oil

2 tbsp hemp seeds (whole soaked)

12 ice cubes

2 tsp vanilla extract

1⁄2 whole nutmeg grated, to taste


1. Add the spinach, avocado, coconut water, oat milk, honey, coconut oil, mint, lime leaf, hemp seeds and ice cubes to a blender or the bowl of a high-speed blender and blitz until smooth.

2. Grate fresh nutmeg to taste on top of the smoothie and garnish with shaved toasted coconut and hemp seeds.

Serves 5