A5 Yamagata Wagyu with Renkon and Truffle from Warabi

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Warabi at W Melbourne shares Chef Hajime Horiguchi’s recipe for A5 Yamagata Wagyu with Renkon and Truffle, embodying their contemporary Japanese Omakase dining experience.

21 May 2024

A5 Yamagata Wagyu with Renkon and Truffle (Serves 1)


30g A5 Yamagata Wagyu rib

60g fresh lotus root (renkon)


Cosmos leaves

Garlic chive flowers

Wagyu Sauce

50ml sake

42ml hon mirin

10g zarame sugar

20ml soy sauce

5ml beef jus

10g Wagyu fat

20g Wagyu trim

3g whole garlic

10g white part of spring onion

10g shallots

0.5g shichimi

1ml plum vinegar

0.5g black pepper

Truffle Egg Sauce

1 organic egg yolk

10ml melted Wagyu fat

1g chopped black truffle


For the sauce, sauté Wagyu fat and trim until golden, then add spring onion, garlic, and shallots until caramelised. Add zarame sugar to make caramel, then sake and hon mirin to reduce. Season with soy sauce, beef jus, and black pepper. Adjust saltiness if needed. Turn off heat, add plum vinegar and shichimi, and cool overnight.

For the truffle egg sauce, beat egg yolk and add warm Wagyu fat to create a mayonnaise-like texture. Add chopped black truffle and set aside.

Slice Wagyu to 1.3mm and refrigerate until needed.

Peel lotus root and soak in water for one hour to remove bitterness and starch. Pat dry and grill with Wagyu fat until caramelised. Season with salt.

Warm sauce to 80°C, add Wagyu, and shake with chopsticks for 5-10 seconds to maintain pink colour.

Plate lotus root and cooked Wagyu on plate, pour sauce over Wagyu.

Garnish with cosmos leaves and garlic chive flowers.

Pour truffle egg sauce at the table.

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