The 2023 Million Dollar Lunch

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The highly anticipated 2023 Million Dollar Lunch was held at The Palladium at Crown.

04 August 2023

It was an event of extraordinary generosity, successfully raising circa $3 million largely due to the committed donors and partners, all united in the aim of supporting the Children’s Cancer Foundation. 

The event’s auction was helmed by Marshall White’s Sales Director, John Bongiorno, and Associate Director/Auctioneer, Nicholas Brooks, who ran the charity auction assisted by Hamish McLachlan and Sarah Jones, skillfully navigating the high-stakes bidding, guiding the event towards its momentous result.

This tremendous amount was raised in the spirit of advancing the mission of the Children’s Cancer Foundation. The Foundation is unyieldingly committed to sponsoring research projects designed to eradicate cancer in children. Their efforts ensure that children in hospitals receive the most advanced and effective treatments available. 

While the emphasis lies mostly on funding clinical research and trials, the Foundation acknowledges the importance of comprehensive care.

They provide not only clinical care but also much-needed family support.

This approach stems from an understanding that while medical advancements are vital, it is often the smaller acts of care that can make a considerable difference to a child and their family embarking on their cancer journey.

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The unwavering support of generous individuals and organisations has allowed the Children’s Cancer Foundation to thrive as a beacon of hope in the childhood cancer charity sector. 

Functioning as a non-profit organisation, the Children’s Cancer Foundation combines the efforts of its board of directors, dedicated staff, and numerous volunteers. These combined efforts are aimed at maximising fundraising income, ensuring the effectiveness of its projects and programs. Besides The Million Dollar Lunch, funds are raised through community fundraising, corporate sponsorships, bequests, and donations. 

The 2023 Million Dollar Lunch was a testament to the spirit of giving and the power of collective efforts. It’s a celebration of community strength, proving yet again that when we band together for a cause as noble as combatting children’s cancer, extraordinary things can be achieved.