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In the world of rental properties, compliance with safety standards is not just a matter of good practice – it's a legal requirement. This article, using resources from Consumer Affairs Victoria and Energy Safe Victoria, will explore the minimum standards for rental properties, focusing particularly on gas safety and compliance key points.

09 June 2022

Minimum Standards for Rental Properties 

Rental properties in Victoria must adhere to specific minimum standards to ensure the safety and comfort of renters. These standards include the following: 

  • Structural Soundness: The property must be structurally safe and in good repair. 
  • Security Measures: Adequate locking mechanisms on all external doors and windows. 
  • Waterproofing and Dampness: The property should be free from damp and its damaging effects. 
  • Facilities: Properly working toilets, kitchen, and bathroom facilities. 
  • Heating: A fixed heater in good working order, preferably in the main living area. 
  • Ventilation: Adequate ventilation to prevent moisture accumulation. 
  • Lighting: Adequate natural or artificial lighting. 
  • Electrical Safety: All electrical systems must be safe and in working order. 
  • Window coverings: Appropriate privacy measures for windows in bedrooms and living areas. 

Gas Safety Compliance 

An often-overlooked aspect, but crucial for the safety of tenants, is gas safety. Energy Safe Victoria mandates that all gas installations and appliances in rental properties must be checked every two years by a licensed gasfitter. This ensures that appliances are safe to use, properly connected, and correctly flued. 

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Compliance Key Points 

  • Legislated Requirements: Compliance for gas, electrical systems, and smoke detectors are not just best practices but are required by law. 
  • Service Frequency: Gas and electrical systems must be serviced biennially, while smoke detectors need annual checks. 
  • Qualified Technicians: Only suitably qualified technicians, meeting industry standards, can conduct these compliance services. 
  • Certificate of Compliance: Renters can request this certificate, and it must be provided within seven days of their request. 
  • Property Management: Failure to comply with legislation may result in property management companies being unable to continue managing the property. 
  • Liability Risks: Property owners who do not arrange for compliance services risk legal action from renters and may be listed on the Non-Compliance Register.

Compliance with these standards ensures the safety and well-being of renters. Property owners and managers must stay vigilant in maintaining these standards and be proactive in their approach to property safety and compliance.  

The Marshall White Property Management team understands that safety compliance is a key to a successful and sustainable rental experience. 

If you have any queries regarding property management or leasing, please contact the Marshall White Property Management Team who will be happy to assist. Call us on (03) 9822 9999

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