Marshall White auctions: Raising the bid, raising the community

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Marshall White is deeply committed to supporting community auctions, acknowledging their pivotal role in both reinforcing community ties, and elevating the neighbourhoods we are proud to serve.

31 August 2023

This commitment is not merely rhetorical; our team members consistently offer their seasoned auctioneering expertise to maximise fundraising efforts for these crucial events. From galas aimed at alleviating societal issues like homelessness and domestic violence, to luncheons with a focus on specialised medical research, we lend our skills to causes that make a tangible difference in people’s lives. By doing so, we endeavour not only to be a leading name in property sales but also a valued contributor to our community’s well-being.

John Bongiorno, Sales Director

Million Dollar Lunch: Partnered with Nicholas Brooks to orchestrate the event’s auction segment, facilitating the collection of significant funds, all earmarked for the invaluable work carried out by the Children’s Cancer Foundation. This contribution helps finance pioneering research in paediatric oncology and provides compassionate care to young patients and their families. 

Nicholas Brooks, Associate Director/Auctioneer

Million Dollar Lunch: Skillfully co-navigated the event’s bidding in partnership with John Bongiorno towards a momentous result in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation. 

Marshall White Foundation Ball: A yearly soirée that serves as a beacon for social change, assisting women facing homelessness, domestic violence, and mental health concerns. 

Friend in Me Unmasked Gala Ball: Orchestrated high stakes live and silent auctions, channelling significant resources to programs that make a lasting impact on vulnerable children. 

Kaine Lanyon, Director/Auctioneer

Battle of the Boots: A post-football match fundraiser between Hampton Primary dads and St Mary’s dads, with proceeds split between the two schools and the OneinFive charity for mental health research. 

2023 Tour de France Lunch: Curated by the French Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Bouygues Construction, this event funds the Amy Gillett Foundation’s pioneering work in cycling safety. 

‘Off the Wheel’ Luncheon: A targeted fundraiser aimed at supporting disengaged young males, hosted in partnership with The Gruppetto Fund and Newsboys Foundation. 

Damian O’Sullivan, Director/Auctioneer

Sony Foundation Australia’s River4Ward: Melbourne’s VIPs across government, business, media, and entertainment united for a special luncheon, raising funds for young Australians with cancer. 

Take your upcoming event to the next level with our volunteer auctioneer services. Whether you’re orchestrating a high-profile charity gala or a local community fundraiser, our seasoned auctioneers are equipped to infuse the occasion with unrivalled energy, expertise, and enthusiasm. Our goal is to amplify the success of your event, ensuring that you reach or exceed your fundraising objectives. 

Our auctioneers are adaptable professionals who understand the nuances of crowd engagement, timing, and the strategic manoeuvring that turns a good auction into a great one. The culmination of these skills sets the stage for a dynamic auction environment where bids are not only placed but escalated, all in favour of your cause. 

To further explore how we can contribute to your next fundraising initiative, or to engage our auctioneering services, we invite you to contact our expert team today.