Change makers: Alisha Griffiths

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Alisha and her team help vulnerable people overcome mental health struggles through Equine Assisted Therapy with retired racehorses.

22 May 2023

Changing Lives in Our Communities

Alisha Griffiths has always felt a deep connection to horses. This connection eventually led to her founding Rehab4Rehab, a Mornington Peninsula-based organisation supporting the rehabilitation of both horses and humans. Alisha and her team help vulnerable people overcome mental health struggles through Equine Assisted Therapy with retired racehorses.

We found out what drives Alisha and what it means to be a community hero.

What drives your mission on a daily basis?

The profoundly positive mental and physical effects from the lifestyle I live drives me to share this with others. Every day I see the incredible impact on those who come to Rehab4Rehab for equine therapeutic support, which provides me with so much motivation to drive my mission.

Who do you look up to for inspiration or mentorship?

My family, the horses, and the growth and impact of Rehab4Rehab inspires me daily. If I were to choose one person I look to for inspiration and mentorship, it would be my dad.

What does it mean to you to be a leader in the community?

Alongside my team of professionals, I strive to be a leader by connecting with the community and relating our story to benefit those in need. We regularly engage with the public and bring awareness to our organisational objectives and the powerful mental health benefits of equine therapy.

What is one thing that makes you most proud?

I am infinitely proud of being able to share my dream of offering horses a safe haven and a happy post-racing life. It is an honour to watch them flourish in their new lives as therapy horses and see them build relationships on pure trust, allowing people to manage their anxiety, regulate their emotions, and improve their communication skills.

What has been the most risk you have taken so far, and what was the outcome?

Myself and my partner Rob personally funded Rehab4Rehab and have poured our heart and soul into this venture. It was a huge risk; however, the outcome is worth every ounce we continue to give.

What is one piece of advice would you give people wishing to start their own business or charity?

For me personally, Rehab4Rehab is a genuine passion and true heart connection. If someone can say their heart is genuinely passionate about something, I believe this is where ideas can truly grow.

How does Rehab4Rehab align with your values?

Horses have an incredible ability to mirror our emotions and bring out the best in people. I believe that compassion is somehow mirrored by the horses to bring out the best in our clients, and I feel very fortunate to share one of my greatest values with many others.

How can readers assist with or donate to Rehab4Rehab?

For more information or to donate, follow the links below.

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