Agents and their spaces: Jason C. Swift

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Saddles to sales: In life, as in racing, every finish line marks the beginning of a new journey.

20 September 2023

From the refined charm of Epsom in the UK to the coastal allure of Brighton, Victoria, Jason’s diverse life journey is marked by perseverance, determination, and accomplishment. As the newest Director at Marshall White’s Bayside office, Jason brings his candour and commitment into a real estate career spanning over two decades. 

Influenced by his legendary grandfather, jockey Scobie Breasley AM, Jason’s passion for horse racing emerged early, beginning his jockey apprenticeship at just 13. This dedication saw him secure over 100 wins from England to Dubai and Australia, where he worked with iconic trainer, Colin Hayes OBE. Seamlessly transitioning from the racetrack to realty, Jason’s work ethic remains unwavering. 

Drawing a parallel between the worlds of horse racing and real estate, Jason notes, “Real estate, much like horse racing, demands an intuitive understanding of every individual client. Every horse, every client, and every home holds a unique narrative, and recognising that is crucial for success.” 

His Brighton abode, endearingly named ‘Loretta Lodge’ after his mother, echoes his Epsom birthplace. “A home isn’t just bricks and mortar, it’s a collection of life’s chapters”, Jason says. 

Five years ago, when Jason purchased his current home, he entrusted Serena Elise, the visionary behind Brighton’s White Chalk Design, with its interior design transformation. Tasked with striking a balance between classic elegance and contemporary appeal, Serena integrated bold textures and natural materials, such as the striking herringbone timber flooring throughout – a nod to the home’s Victorian heritage. 

Jason’s open plan living and dining area flows naturally to a private alfresco entertainment space alongside an inviting pool. Ascend the staircase, and you’re greeted by a retreat space, adorned with photographs that pay homage to Jason’s father and grandfather, a familial salute to the past and present. However, it isn’t only the primary living space that reveals insights into Jason’s life. The side-house sauna reveals his recent interest in thermal contrast therapy. He claims the transition from a hot sauna to a cold pool to be “life changing.” In the kitchen, a range of cooking tools highlight Jason’s love for culinary arts. An enthusiastic cook, Jason’s passion was inspired by his mother’s techniques. 

Elegantly designed and thoughtfully styled, Jason believes that a house transforms into a home over time. He sees himself enjoying his residence for the next 10 to 20 years, allowing life to unfold. For now, he’s simply immersed in the happiness it brings him. 

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Jason cherishes the evolving relationship he shares with his adult children, Harry, 28, and Lilli, 21. As they’ve matured, the bond between them has only deepened, echoing the sentiment that no matter where life takes them, home will always be there for shared moments. 

Summers are animated by Lilli’s French Bulldogs, Schnooks and Buttercup, who revel in poolside antics. These days often culminate in BBQs, with a special mention to Father’s Day, when Harry and Lilli take the culinary reins. 

Lilli is herself carving a niche in the real estate world. Starting in administration, with aspirations of becoming an agent, her independence shines through with each step. Harry, on the other hand, is brilliantly sketching his future in architecture and is looking to venture on an overseas exchange next year.  

“For me, every moment with Lilli and Harry strengthens our unbreakable bond,” says Jason. 

In terms of Jason’s collaboration with Marshall White, the agency feels like a natural fit for him.

“Beyond its stellar reputation, the ethos of Marshall White resonated with me deeply. Their commitment to excellence, training opportunities, and the emphasis on building genuine client relationships were attributes I deeply respected.” 

For Jason, the thrill of his profession isn’t just in sealing a deal—it’s in ensuring it’s the best deal on the table. At this time in his career, every win serves as a testament to his clients’ astute choice in representation. He thrives on pushing boundaries to guarantee optimal outcomes for those he represents. 

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But Jason’s expertise isn’t confined to agency work alone. He’s also a distinguished auctioneer, celebrated for his bold and entertaining style in the auction arena. His passion for achieving unprecedented prices parallels his staunch dedication to crafting incomparable experiences for his clientele. 

While Jason’s professional accomplishments speak volumes, his personal inclinations also offer a glimpse into his character. He enjoys living in Brighton, celebrated for its upscale restaurants, cafes, boutique shopping, and picturesque beaches. When benchmarked globally, Jason sees Brighton as unique — offering the allure of coastal living without the premium price tags associated with other famed shorelines worldwide. 

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