A day in the life of a Property Manager

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A property manager does much more than simply collect rent payments. In this dynamic and fast-paced environment, a property manager must be agile, a quick thinker, and enjoy dealing with a diverse range of people on a daily basis.

21 May 2019

Long-time Marshall White Property Manager and Associate Director, Anthony Wiseman, says property managers are now complete service agents.

"You’ve got to be a great listener to be an effective property manager, and you need to be empathetic to your clients. If you don’t like working with people, this isn’t the job for you," Anthony explains.

On an average day, Anthony's tasks range from emails and telephone calls to conducting inspections at properties. These include routine inspections, open for inspections, and private appointments with tradespeople, owners, and renters.

"We receive a lot of emails daily, covering maintenance requests, arranging quotes, rent reviews, and lease renewals," Anthony adds.

The skills of a property manager are in high demand. The phones generally start ringing at eight in the morning and continue well past the close of business.

"I put my phone onto flight mode after six in the evening. At Marshall White, we have an after-hours urgent repairs list available for our clients. It means we aren’t expected to work late at night and can enjoy time at home with our families," says Anthony.

The amount of time spent in the office varies, but often a property manager is out on the road.

"It’s not so much a desk-based job. You are out at properties a lot, which is good. Some days we're back-to-back with appointments," Anthony remarks.

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To be successful, a property manager needs to be a strong negotiator, an effective mediator, and supremely organised. Formal training and relevant qualifications are also essential.

"As a property manager, you need to be flexible as the job can be reactive. Even with planning, unforeseen issues often arise; it's the nature of the business," Anthony notes.

"We’re fortunate at Marshall White to work with some of Melbourne’s best real estate. We’re up to date with current technology, which many smaller agencies might not have. It’s also an incredibly supportive environment."

For Anthony, the clients and people involved make the job enjoyable.

"We have really good renters and owners. Seeing clients move from one property to another and watching their lives evolve is rewarding. Referrals from long-standing clients are very fulfilling. There is skill in pairing the right renter with the right owner. It’s important to match clients to the right home," Anthony shares.

Property managers are there to make life easier for the owner, ensuring their investment is well maintained and the rental income is steady. Marshall White property managers remain up to date with current legislation and also have great relationships with quality suppliers who offer quick service and competitive pricing.

If you have any queries regarding property management or leasing, please contact the Marshall White Property Management Team who will be happy to assist. Call us on (03) 9822 8711.

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