Red Hill South

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Red Hill South, nestled within the heart of the Mornington Peninsula approximately 80 kilometres south of Melbourne, is a smaller, equally picturesque counterpart to its neighbour, Red Hill.

This charming suburb is renowned for its lush landscapes, boutique wineries, and a strong community that values the arts, gourmet food, and sustainable living. 

The area is surrounded by rolling hills, dense bushland, and vineyards that produce premium wines, reflecting the suburb's commitment to quality and the fine art of viticulture. The local shops and eateries, particularly along the central hub, encapsulate the suburb's passion for organic produce and handcrafted goods, offering residents and visitors a taste of the Peninsula's bounty. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, Red Hill South provides numerous walking and cycling trails that meander through scenic reserves and past scenic lookouts, allowing for immersive experiences in the natural environment. The suburb also benefits from its proximity to stunning coastal areas, offering easy access to some of Victoria's most beautiful beaches. 

Educationally, families in Red Hill South have access to a variety of schools in the surrounding areas, ensuring a high standard of education for children. The tight-knit community further supports a nurturing and engaging environment for all residents. 

Real estate in Red Hill South features a range of properties, from cottages to expansive estates, many with breathtaking views of the countryside or the ocean. This variety caters to those seeking a quiet country life, artists looking for inspiration, and anyone in between. 

With its unique combination of natural beauty, culinary delights, and tranquil living, Red Hill South is a sought-after locale for those wishing to experience the quieter, more refined side of Mornington Peninsula living. 

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