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Become a part of Melbourne’s elite in expansive and affluent Canterbury. With a long and proud history, it’s been occupied by the city’s well to do since the nineteenth century – with many of its early residents and properties still remembered in the street names of the suburb, such as Logan Street and Monomeath Avenue. More recently, celebrities and CEOs call this spacious suburb home – and it’s easy to see why. With many of Victoria’s most prestigious private schools throughout the Boroondara region, it’s filled with families looking to offer their children the very best in education, location and life.

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A mere 10 kilometres from inner city Melbourne, Canterbury offers a bridge between two worlds - the vibrancy of city life with the cool, calm oasis of home.

The streets are wide and expansive, dotted with ancient oak trees that stretch towards the sky. Abundant with luscious, leafy parks, they provide the perfect place for a weekend picnic or an acorn hunt with the little ones, before enjoying a specialty coffee or brunch.

Your day might begin at Chicken or the Egg Cafe, nestled on the stalwart strip of Maling Road. This light and airy cafe has something for the whole family, from the beautiful babycinos to the warming corn fritters and poached eggs. Those travelling with four legged friends enjoy sitting roadside, while inside offers cute and cosy nooks behind a charming white picket fence. Coffee is taken very seriously here, with Axil Coffee Roaster responsible for the beans and the single origin offering changing weekly – perfect for your regular caffeine fix.

For those with a sweet tooth, wander down the road to artisan chocolate boutique and cafe Xocolatl. The store’s exotic name comes from the Aztec word that translates to ‘bitter water’, which was used to describe the world’s first ever hot chocolate. It’s this attention to detail that permeates everything the family-owned business touches, from decadent desserts to tasty treats that will surprise and delight the taste buds. As their chocolatiers take on the ambitious task to generate a new perspective of what chocolate can be, it’s the Canterbury’s community who benefit from their enticing efforts.

While your day might begin on historic Maling Road, find yourself transported to the vibrancy of Hong Kong when you enter Yu & Restaurant. Celebrating the territory’s culinary traditions, it offers authentic Hong Kong-inspired dishes with an emphasis on pure and high quality Australian ingredients. With wonderful hospitality and around 80 different varieties of steamed, deep fried, sweet, savory and spicy Dim Sum to choose from, it’s no surprise that this restaurant’s reputation has spread quickly as a favourite amongst locals.

You’ll find a subtle charm and grace in Canterbury as fashionable locals radiate style and comfort in their own shoes. This is thanks, in part, to tasteful fashion and homewares companies that sell artisan, handmade and locally designed wares. If you’re looking for tailored advice, The Ark Clothing Co offers personal styling and guidance that is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, marrying style with substance.

With plenty to offer, Canterbury’s enduring appeal is its wide, picturesque streets and breathtakingly beautiful period homes – particularly the “Golden Mile”, a section of real estate from Mont Albert Road, running west from Balwyn Road and the avenues that connect it to Canterbury Road. Commanding some of Melbourne’s highest property prices, expect to find grand ornate mansions, Victorian-era houses and large blocks of land with tennis courts and pools aplenty. While it’s one of the most expensive suburbs in Melbourne, if you can afford it you really can’t go wrong with life in Canterbury.

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