The design of Boston — a collection of seven secluded and impeccably crafted luxury residences — is inspired by the site’s intriguing history. In 1859, vigneron Andrew Murray bought 103 acres of land to realise his dream of producing world-class wines. He named his estate Balwyn, combining ‘Bal’ (Gaelic for home) and ‘Wyn’ (a Saxon word for vine) to create ‘the home of the vine’. Today, the renowned Mim Design strongly references this local story through the selection of wine-inspired colours and materials, imbuing each home with a sense of warmth and permanence.

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Balwyn, located about 10 kilometres east of Melbourne's CBD, is a suburb within the City of Boroondara known for its picturesque streets, grand Edwardian and Georgian homes, and high-quality lifestyle.

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