"The ‘Profile’ residences capture all the coveted characteristics of the Melbourne lifestyle, and localizes them in a building that houses highly tailored and sophisticated spaces."

    Merging pure, simple and minimalist design features, Profile pays homage to the opulent heritage homes dotted throughout the coveted domain it calls home – Malvern East. A series of twenty individually designed residences, each home has been considered to the highest degree, enhancing the lives that play out within. Profile’s exterior presents a sophisticated composition, appointed with generous glazing, brass-like metal and a glass balustrade that wraps around the periphery of the building. A minimalist grey palette pairs with white bands that work to accentuate the project’s horizontal ‘Profile’. A vertical texture has been employed to contrast with these horizontal bands, creating a solid distinction between two fundamental elements. Planters have also been incorporated in honour of Malvern East’s verdant landscape.

    A floor plan forms the very foundation of a home; an inherent framework that determines the way in which living will occur. Long hours, painstaking deliberation and immense thought has gone into the refining of Profile’s layout, which, as a result, allows living to feel utterly effortless. Bedrooms, living areas and kitchens have been purposefully tailored to a certain size, paving the way for easy, intuitive living. From the tactfully placed windows that allow light, views and cross ventilation into the home, to the well-proportioned availability of open space, every aspect of Profile has been meticulously considered. All widths and lengths have been measured and remeasured to produce a project with total functionality at its crux.

    T3 Architectures’ primary objective is to create enduring and sustainable designs of quality and innovation. They value sustainability, acknowledging that it operates at many levels including environmental, functional and financial. Their design methodology is intuitive and programmatic.

    It incorporates the aesthetic elements of form and space, light and shadow, colour and texture; in parallel with the reasoned consideration of the functional, financial and the commercial. This approach ensures their design solutions are practical, viable and generate better built environments for the community.

    Meticulously composed by the team at T3 Architecture, Profile exemplifies the pinnacle of modern living. A collection of residences that, while afforded with the very best in contemporary design, still holds strong the warm familiarity of a true home. From the building’s dynamic external architecture to the luxury suite of finishes that lie within, the development’s design is one that has been considered from all ends, with no details spared. Beautifully spacious and light-filled throughout, enjoy a living experience defined by both ease and sophistication.

    Profile’s generous location lends itself to a life of endless choice and unabated ease. In every direction, examples of cultural excellence await you, from the world-famous Chadstone Shopping Centre to Oakleigh’s bustling Eaton Mall. With Waverly Road’s plenteous scope of dining destinations also close at hand, you really will feel like you’re at the centre of everything. Malvern East has long been a suburb synonymous with greenery, owed to the myriad of parks and reserves that sit within in its verdant borders. This area also leads the vanguard when it comes to education, playing host to an outstanding roll call of some of Melbourne’s finest institutions.

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    Situated 12 kilometres southeast of Melbourne’s bustling CBD, Malvern East is a suburb renowned for its blend of family-friendly charm and cosmopolitan living.

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