Our Story

For over 50 years, Marshall White has defined the Melbourne property market with experienced assurance, bridging carefully curated insights with unrivalled sales strategies and driven agents. We’re more than a real estate firm – we understand the subtleties of each neighbourhood, ensuring we walk in our values at every interaction. Turn the page on our story below.

Our Founder

Mr Marshall White opened the very first office on Glenferrie Road, Malvern at 28 years of age. Marsh, as he’s affectionately known, envisioned a specialised boutique agency with a focus on service, details and relationships. Today, Marsh’s legacy lives on, as Marshall White continues to lead Melbourne’s premium market.

Our Values

Every Marshall White employee embodies our values of integrity, teamwork, accountability, support and learning. We believe every conversation is an opportunity to deliver greater benefits, learning about ourselves and our clientele in order to refine our market approach. Enduring connections lead to repeatable successes, and it’s the success of our clients that we care about most.

Why Marshall White

Our years of real estate success have shown that continuous growth and development is the key to maintaining our position as Melbourne’s premium property agency. While we’ve remained true to Marsh’s vision, our expansion has allowed us to embrace the intricacies of a dynamic market, keeping pace with an ever-evolving landscape.