Keys Estate

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Keys Estate

46-62 Darren Road, Keysborough, VIC

Anticipated Completion 4th Quarter 2024
Anticipated Settlement 4th Quarter 2024

July 2024

Dear Keys Estate Homeowners,

We are delighted to bring you the construction update for the Keys Estate development, detailing the progress made on-site;

  • GF Frames are now erected for Lots 1-14
  •  For the month of July, the carpenters will be continuing with the first floor flooring, frames and roof trusses to Lots 1-14
  • Once the building frames are completed to Lots 1-14, the carpenters will start on Lots 15-28.
  • Roofing installation and plumbing rough-in is anticipated to also start for Lots 1-6 at the end of the month.

Please see the below photos taken from site.

We will send out a further update along with photos at the end of the month.

Kind regards,

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