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Be fully informed prior to owning your brand new off-the-plan home or investment. We have collated a series of frequently asked questions from the thousands of off-the-plan purchasers we meet each and every year. Don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone of our sales consultants should you have additional queries or concerns.

Why Owning A Property Off-The-Plan Is Better With Marshall White Projects

Here are great reasons why owning a property off-the-plan is better through Marshall White Projects, as our clients offer.

  1. Building guarantees and appliance warranties are on offer for a 6-to-10-year period providing any buyer with long-term peace of mind.
  2. Our developers have sustainability in mind when briefing the design team for any new development, including cost saving additions and saving our precious planet.
  3. Our developers offer customisation opportunities or bespoking allowing you to make personalised changes for most off-the-plan purchases. Enjoy your new home from the first day of moving in, without the need to then suffer through costly renovations or borrow additional monies to pay for it.
  4. Our off the plan apartment or townhouses will be at a fixed price rather than a quoted forecast range. Prior sales within the building also give our buyers social proof that the price on offer accords with market value.
  5. All of our off-the-plan properties have a percentage of the building compliant with BADS (Better Apartment Design Standards). Introduced in 2017 and applicable to apartment developments of up to four stories, it insures your new home or investment is compliant with aspects such as energy.

Other advantages include.

  1. Stamp duty savings and first homeowner grants. Depending upon your individual circumstances, buying off the plan could save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses and taxes. This allows you to borrow less and take years off your mortgage.
  2. Additional time to save. Often the time between the day of sale and a call to settlement will be in excess of twelve months. This allows you to save more, borrow less and pocket the difference.
  3. In a rising market the time between buying your new property and settlement may allow for a period of capital growth. If you have a property you need to then sell, it may be financially beneficial to delay selling until you can potentially coincide the two settlements.
  4. And of course, it’s never been lived in …
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