Women Paving the Way in Property

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An Interview with Nicole French, Marshall White Director

07 March 2024

In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, we had the privilege of speaking with Marshall White Director Nicole French about her inspiring journey in real estate. Join us as we share Nicole's story, highlighting her achievements, leadership qualities, and advice for aspiring women professionals in real estate.

Can you share with us your journey, from starting in the real estate industry to becoming a Director at Marshall White?

Starting as a weekend receptionist in secondary school and continuing through university, I gained early exposure to the real estate industry, later broadening my experience in commercial property. My career at Marshall White has spanned over 15 years, transitioning from administrative and hybrid roles to full-time sales.

This journey helped me learn all areas of the business, from handling trust accounts to advertising, and navigating complex sales. My experience covers selling everything from luxury homes to off-the-plan developments, requiring a diverse skill set where I sell not just properties but future dreams, allowing me to meet a wide range of client needs. My path led me to becoming a Director at Marshall White in 2021.

How have your experiences shaped your leadership style and approach in the industry?

I've become an advocate for guiding young professionals entering the field, not only as their mentor but also as their biggest supporter and sounding board. This stems from my own experiences of facing challenges along the way, enabling me to offer sound advice and insights.

I believe that a collaborative team is crucial in creating an environment where everyone feels supported and valued as a team member, which in turn reflects positively on our client interactions and ensures that both vendors and buyers enjoy their experience with us.

The solidarity amongst women in real estate—from stylists and buyers’ advocates to sales agents at Marshall White and other agencies—has grown over the years. We recognise that together, we are stronger. At Marshall White, the mutual support amongst women is particularly strong, which is wonderful.

As a woman in a leadership position, what personal qualities do you feel have been instrumental in your continued success at Marshall White?

In my role, empathy, authenticity, and approachability have been key. A focus on detail and strong organisational skills, along with adaptability to new technologies and methods, are crucial. At Marshall White, ongoing training is prioritised, which is essential for navigating real estate's ever-evolving landscape.

Curiosity about people's lives and making connections with clients and colleagues also enrich my work. Conversations about their personal stories, travel, and interests deepen my understanding of their life journeys, adding a unique dimension to each interaction.

What do your achievements, including being honoured with the Rising Star Award and winning the Australasian Real Estate Results Awards (AREREAs) 2019 Victorian Agent of the Year mean to you personally and professionally?

These awards represent milestones in my professional journey and are reminders of my career growth and achievements over time. They symbolise not just my success, but the collective support and collaboration of my team who share a commitment to going above and beyond for our clientele.

What aspect of your real estate journey are you most proud of?

Being part of the Marshall White Foundation Board, I am passionate about leveraging my expertise in real estate to give back to the community, especially in providing housing solutions to displaced women and children via our charity partners, YouMatter and Launch Housing. This commitment to giving back, particularly in the property space, is something I believe is both a privilege and a responsibility for those of us in the real estate industry.

With your extensive experience and expertise, what advice do you have for aspiring women professionals looking to succeed in the real estate industry?

Just keep going. Focus on your path, stay in your own lane, and don't get distracted by the competition. Strive to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, and always remain true to your values and principles.

As a female leader in the property sector, how do you see the future of women's roles and contributions evolving within the industry?

I'm optimistic about the increasing presence of women in significant roles in real estate, and I especially hope to see an increase in the number of female agents and heading towards an even more inclusive future for our industry.