Truffle Mushroom Medley from Bruno & Co.

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Armadale food, wine, and coffee destination, Bruno & Co. presents their signature dish by Chef Adam Pritchard: the Truffle Mushroom Medley.

24 August 2023

With butcher shops now in St Kilda, Brighton and Balwyn, Meatsmith has gained a cult following as the place to find not only a perfect cut of meat, but a great bottle of wine, an essential pantry staple, or some expert culinary advice.

In their new cookbook Meatsmith: Home Cooking for Friends and Family, Andrew and Troy have included over 80 trusted recipes that celebrate the Meatsmith ethos of exchanging knowledge and ideas as well as creating a record of how and what they like to cook at home.


Mushroom Mix


white pearl 

baby king brown


flat field

½ bunch parsley

10g minced garlic

1 tbsp truffle oil

30g spinach 

Beetroot Puree

300g beetroot

1 cinnamon stick

Cashew & Walnut Crumb

30g cashews

50g walnuts

Cashew Cream

100g cashews

10g garlic

20ml lemon juice 


Mushroom Mix

Boil 2 litres of salted water. Prepare iced water in a large container. 

Slice flat and baby king brown mushrooms; separate other mushrooms due to varied cooking times. 

Blanch mushrooms: oyster for 1 minute, flat for 3 minutes, others for 2 minutes. 

Transfer mushrooms to iced water to cool. Drain and mix with truffle oil, parsley, garlic. Season.

Cashew Cream

Soak cashews for 15 minutes. Add garlic and boil until soft (15 minutes). 

Drain, retaining the liquid. Blitz cashews with salt, lemon, and liquid until creamy. Season if needed.

Cashew & Walnut Crumb

Roast nuts for 12 minutes, shaking every 4 minutes. Cool and blitz to chunks.

Beetroot Puree

 Oven-roast beetroot with cinnamon, covered halfway with water, until soft (~1.5 hours). 

Keep some water, discard cinnamon, peel beetroot (wearing gloves). 

Blitz until smooth, adding reserved water and seasoning. 

To Serve

Sauté 100g mushrooms in olive oil for 2 minutes; mix in spinach. 

Toast bread (e.g., focaccia).  

Spread with cashew cream, top with mushrooms, truffle oil, feta, nut crumb, beetroot puree, and finish with a poached egg.