The rise of sustainable residential projects

Image of terrace

In the face of escalating living costs, Australian consumers are insisting on greater sustainability credentials in their residential purchases.

13 July 2023

In fact, buyer demand for sustainable residential projects is at an all-time high according to Marshall White Projects Director, Leonard Teplin. He states the push is being led largely by environmentally conscious young families and second home buyers. “The buyers we interact with today are discerning and well-informed. They’re knowledgeable about sustainability, and they’re not settling for anything less than comprehensive eco-friendly solutions,” Teplin remarked. 

This trend, driven by eco-conscious young families and second home buyers, is reshaping the housing market. They demand future-proofed, eco-friendly homes, offering not just environmental benefits but also relief from rising living costs. 

Leading the pack is family developer CADRE with its latest green development, MATTONE, in Richmond. The project aims to redefine sustainable living by potentially decreasing each family’s carbon footprint to an equivalent of planting 1,500 trees annually. The focus is on optimising the building’s thermal performance, slashing the energy demand for heating and cooling, and incorporating green features like electric vehicle charging and solar panels. 

MATTONE’s sustainable design allows residents to take advantage of Green Loans, which offer lower standard variable rates. The project also reduces the energy cost for heating and cooling by an astonishing 500% compared to a typical Victorian terrace, translating to considerable annual savings for residents. 

In addition to energy efficiency, MATTONE implements numerous sustainability features, including a master switch for power, elimination of gas appliances in favour of renewable energy-powered alternatives, efficient hot water systems, and the use of thermally broken windows and enhanced insulation. The project also incorporates rainwater harvesting, composting facilities, and a careful selection of materials to minimise environmental impact. 

CADRE’s commitment to sustainability delivers dual benefits: substantial energy savings and protection against current and future cost-of-living pressures.

As CADRE Managing Director Christopher Tyas emphasized, MATTONE offers a future-proof residence designed to adapt with the changing times. In an era of rising living costs and regulatory changes such as the phasing out of petrol cars, properties like MATTONE that effectively nullify heating and cooling bills and provide renewable solar power, will undoubtedly appeal to buyers aiming to minimise future costs. 

MATTONE is designed by MAArchitects to fit in with the fabric of Richmond, paying homage to the area’s industrial heritage with refined brick façades, large and deep-set windows and operable timber battens that overlook architecturally designed landscapes by Florian Wild. CADRE has appointed long-standing partner Tycorp Construction, an industry renowned and award-winning multi residential company, as builder to deliver the residences. 

Specialising in off-the-plan property developments, Marshall White Projects is dedicated to making sustainability the new norm. By choosing a home from our portfolio, you’re investing not only in your future but in the future of our planet as well. Reach out to our team at Marshall White Projects today to discover your green living solution.