The art of prestige property marketing

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In real estate, the line between a successful property sale and an overlooked listing often lies in the quality of its marketing. Quality property marketing not only amplifies the reach but also ensures that a home is seen by the right eyes, evoking the right emotions.

19 October 2023

For those discerning homeowners, the choice of who represents their property and how it's showcased can make all the difference. This ethos is embraced by prestige real estate companies, and Marshall White offers an insightful example

Property marketing is an essential aspect of the real estate industry. A well-executed campaign not only attracts buyers but also ensures maximum engagement with your property's advertising. A multi-channel approach is crucial to elevate your home’s visibility by utilising a strong strategy including websites, emails, social campaigns, print publications, on-site boards and brochures.”

Katie Simpson, Marshall White Property Marketing Lead

Understanding the Importance of Quality Marketing

Quality property marketing is more than glossy images and compelling descriptions. It’s about creating a narrative that resonates, capturing not just the features but the very essence of a home. When done effectively, this narrative can amplify a property’s appeal, reaching both active buyers and those who didn’t even realise they were in the market. The right marketing approach can bridge the gap between a house and a potential homeowner’s dream.

Diverse Platforms for Diverse Audiences

The modern property seeker is everywhere – browsing magazines over coffee, browsing property sites during lunch breaks, and scrolling through social media advertisements during evening commutes. Thus, a multi-channel strategy is imperative.

Platforms like OPEN Magazine, with its blend of lifestyle and property content, exemplify how print media can be effectively merged with digital outreach. Yet, while print provides tangibility, digital platforms like or offer vast reach. Their expansive audiences, coupled with tools that optimise listings for visibility and engagement, can significantly enhance property exposure.

The Nuances that Make the Difference

Subtle touches often make a significant impact in the luxury market. For instance, while photography is essential, the decision to capture a property under different lighting conditions can dramatically alter perceptions. The golden hue of dusk or the soft glow of morning can evoke contrasting emotions, subtly influencing a potential buyer’s perception.

Similarly, while videography is not new, using aerial drone footage to offer panoramic views provides a unique perspective, adding depth and dimension to the viewing experience.

Innovative Approaches to Digital Reach

In a world swamped with digital content, standing out is challenging. Here, strategies such as the SMART Campaign, which employs AI-based techniques to target audiences, are game-changers. By tapping into behavioural data from platforms like Google and Facebook, such strategies can present properties to those who are most likely to be interested, even if they aren’t actively searching.

A Holistic Vision

A true testament to the importance of quality property marketing lies in the comprehensive, end-to-end approach. From initial design to final execution, from print to digital, every aspect must be harmoniously integrated. The essence lies not just in the individual components but in how they seamlessly come together, ensuring properties are not just seen but truly experienced.

In the end, whether it’s the strategic placement of a property board, the charm of a print advertisement, or the vast reach of digital platforms, the overarching goal remains the same: to present a property in its best light, ensuring it resonates with its ideal audience. While many real estate agencies venture into this domain, it’s the nuanced, tailored, and subtle touches that set the truly exceptional ones apart.

 The future of property marketing lies in the seamless integration of print and digital. Marshall White’s OPEN Magazine exemplifies this with QR codes that not only drive online traffic but also set the stage for effective retargeting. With the aid of high-traffic platforms, property visibility is magnified, hastening sales. Local signboards remain pivotal, especially given that a majority of buyers seek homes within their vicinity. By leveraging our advanced website, active social media presence, and cutting-edge tools like the SMART Campaign, we’ve built an all-encompassing marketing system that resonates with both active and passive buyers. Given the current market strength, there has never been a more important time for effective, multi-channel property marketing strategies