Emotive styling that sells

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Join us as we uncover the transformative art of property styling with the team from The Real Estate Stylist (TRES), who share insights on how expertly curated spaces can create powerful emotional connections and captivate potential buyers.

22 November 2023

While savvy investors may contend that property purchases are driven by numbers and logic, the element of emotion inevitably plays a role. Whether you’re looking to raise a family, build a legacy, care for elderly parents, assimilate into a new community, or simply enjoy life with your family and pets, the ability to visualise yourself in a space is integral in property presentation.

Professional stylists know that several key elements can create an emotional connection, which may even spark a bidding war.


Flow is crucial. It dictates how a space feels and functions, particularly in terms of furniture placement and room proportions, allowing for movement with ease and harmony. A lack of flow can leave a space feeling cluttered and chaotic, or empty and lifeless, neither of which appeals to potential buyers.


While styling teams may not alter fixed lighting or window dressings, we can skilfully use portable lamps, mirrors, and colour schemes to enhance a space’s light and ambience. This approach is especially valuable during Melbourne’s many late-day inspections, where the warm glow of lamps contributes to a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Subtle personal touches:

Professional stylists often recommend removing overly personal items such as distinctive artwork, sculptures, family photos, sporting posters, and vividly coloured furniture. Such items can distract buyers from the property’s key features and potentially create discomfort during viewings. By starting with a neutral base or selecting a furniture package anew, stylists can introduce tasteful statement pieces, quality textiles, and subtle decor. These elements work together to eliminate any sense of an impersonal display home, instead cultivating a refined and inviting atmosphere.


To create an emotional connection, the selection of furniture, artwork, and accessories must align with the property’s calibre and the buyer’s investment level. Homes attract specific demographics, and often, neighbourhoods have their distinct cultural styles. For example, a cluster of framed posters might complement the eclectic ambience of Collingwood but could appear mismatched in the understated elegance of a Toorak residence. It’s this attention to detail—ensuring the design quality matches the buyer’s perception of home—that distinguishes the work of seasoned styling professionals.

Image of furniture

Freshness and life:

Where budget and property value align, the presence of fresh flowers, updated throughout the campaign, introduces a fragrance and vitality that can enhance the emotional appeal during opens and auctions. Complementary touches like live plants, quality candles, and ambient music can be used to create a serene atmosphere, enveloping buyers in the experience of living in the space. We

don’t advocate baking cookies in the oven; however, a neatly trimmed lawn serves as the final touch, offering a clean, inviting scent that subtly enhances the home’s appeal.

The case for space:

It’s important in home presentation to consider the role of space. An uncluttered approach, with less emphasis on filling every area, from hall tables to bookcases, can actually enhance the home’s appeal. This thoughtful restraint can suggest greater value to buyers, creating a canvas for them to imagine their own lives unfolding within the space, particularly during the busy atmosphere of an open house.

A mixture of styles:

A skilled stylist will seek to buy inventory from an array of sources, encompassing investment pieces, vintage treasures, reupholstered classics, and a medley of timbers and textiles. A variety of styles is essential to crafting an authentic, homely environment, moving beyond the uniformity that characterises commercial spaces to create a setting that resonates with a genuine sense of home.

If a buyer feels compelled to stay in a space and chat with ease, revisit for further inspections, casually stroll through the home with a coffee in hand, or invite friends and family for a second look, we know we have created a sense of home.

To appreciate the impact of emotions is to unlock the hidden value in an asset. Stylists who possess a nuanced understanding of the market and a vast array of resources do far more than just stage a home; they create environments that resonate emotionally with buyers, resulting in a sense of attachment that transcends the physical space.