In conversation with Mickys Art

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Meet Oliver Gabelich: The driving force behind Mickys art. As Owner and Artistic Director, Oliver’s unique vision and dedication to cutting-edge artistry have carved out a distinctive niche for his Armadale gallery on both the local and international stage.

05 October 2023

Let us take a journey through the world of Mickys art.

The Private fine art curator service by Mickys art promises a unique experience to its clientele in collecting in-demand and investment grade art from artists and galleries internationally. Could you expand on how your personal journey as a curator and creative visionary has sculpted this multifaceted service?

My passion for art is finding balance between the bold and restrained and selecting artworks that complement and disrupt a space.

From age fourteen, I’ve been captivated by the tales behind acclaimed street artists like Invader, Blek Le Rat and Banksy. My 2022 trip to Paris to witness Invader’s exhibition at Over the Influence gallery and seeing his works all over the streets of Paris, reaffirmed my appreciation for his work, in particular, and museum-grade exhibitions, such as those at Almine Rech and Galerie Perottin. Starting as a collaborator with artists to curate collections and exhibitions, I transitioned into owning a gallery and now, I advise and curate for clients, designers and interior architects, recommending in-demand fine artists and pieces that elevate the living experience.

What was involved in sourcing in-demand artistry and building an internationally acclaimed network of artists, ateliers and artisans, and how has this influenced the Private Art Curator service by Mickys art?

My style has been profoundly influenced by collaborations with international artists, galleries, and designers. From bespoke furniture to art placement, travel and meticulous attention have honed my aesthetic. Despite shifting design preferences, certain artists consistently resonate with me. This affinity has built a network of investment-grade contemporary artists and bespoke furniture creators. This selection is now available through the Private Fine Art Curator service by Mickys Art, dedicated to elevating architecturally designed homes globally.

How do you play a role between interior architecture, design, furniture, lighting design and fine art?

Immersing myself in various techniques and mediums and prioritising the lived-in experience for my clients transformed my approach to art selection.

A deep comprehension of interior design, including elements like furniture, colour, scale, and precise placement, sharpened my vision.

Collaborating with artists, designers, and architects taught me the nuances of individual needs. By being multifaceted in my creative approach, I act as a conduit between these worlds.

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Describe the relationship between fine art and design and the defining role investment grade art plays within the live-in experience?

Fine art curation enriches the living experience beyond mere decoration. While interior architecture provides a foundation, art infuses vibrancy. It’s about harmonising art with interiors, considering placement and diversity. I advocate for sophisticated, diverse art sourced globally. Whether curating or commissioning, I emphasise boundary-pushing, design-led choices. Over time, my appreciation for contemporary art has grown, leading to collaborations with renowned artists and galleries, championing both emerging and established talents in Australia.

Describe Mickys art and the opportunity it provides esteemed clientele in locating and procuring highly collectible fine art pieces from an in-demand network of artists, artisans and ateliers worldwide.

The foundation is an in-depth briefing, meticulously assessing key spaces and comprehending the desired artistic direction. It’s imperative to understand the mood, colours that reflect this, styles, and techniques that echo the design, history, persona, and lifestyle of the client and create a palette of artistry that speaks to this.

We represent an emerging and established network of contemporary artists, artisans and ateliers located and sourced internationally from cities such as New York, Madrid, Melbourne, Como, Bilbao, Manchester, London, Paris, Seoul, Los Angeles, and Sydney.

How have your relationships with internationally recognised ateliers and artisans, known for their expertise in pieces such as mirrors, sculptures, tables, and consoles, enriched the offerings at Mickys art?

In architecturally diverse homes, I bring depth to projects, catering to clients often with existing pieces and complex needs. I help them find artists that resonate with their unique preferences and the interior architecture, elevating their living experience and art collection. As a private fine art curator, I introduce clients to artists and guide them with an art-centric and design-led approach. My hybrid role involves collaborating with artists, designers, and clients, tailoring art based on space. Such a service, typically limited to select projects, grants exclusive access to bespoke artworks and a network of artists and investment opportunities most clients have not been privy to.

How does the Private Fine Art Curator service define the art direction for the home and collection and align fine art with the design language built by an interior architectural firm?

The home’s intrinsic design language and allure guide the art direction. While furniture acquisition and interior architecture craft a narrative for standout fine-art pieces, it’s crucial that certain styles not only align with but also intriguingly disrupt the design in specific areas. Integrating fine art with works from ateliers and artisans infuses depth, enriching the space with a level of sophistication often elusive within a single genre.

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Being in a consultative role positioned between represented artists and other galleries, how has this position allowed Mickys art to expand its network and offer an enhanced range of artwork to its discerning clientele?

In my role, listening and establishing a strong art direction through an in-depth discovery and collaborating with clients over time, exposes artists that reflect our conversations. I then document our discussions, adjusting my recommendations and leveraging my network accordingly. The relationships we have with other galleries, especially those exclusively representing sought-after artists, enhances the depth of our private art curator role, offering extensive possibilities for each project.

Mickys art has a distinguished reputation for a holistic, art-centric, design-led approach to procurement – where do you see its position and influence in the future landscape of the art world?

I see Mickys art evolving into a global fine-art gallery and consultancy. We aim to represent and curate works from sought-after, investment-grade artists who master various mediums, from painting and pouring to sculpting and spraying, spanning across canvas, stone, and glass. Our goal is to supply international projects with diverse art forms – be it abstract, street, sculpture, or in-demand bespoke furniture – sourced from the world’s most creative corners.