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Timeless designs to live beautifully

02 April 2024

Meet Trudie Cox, the creative force behind Eadie Lifestyle, a brand that has redefined elegance in home furnishings and clothing with timeless designs and a commitment to quality. We explore how Trudie's vision has cultivated a brand that celebrates the joy of living beautifully.

What was the inspiration for founding Eadie Lifestyle, and how has this vision shaped the brand's identity and approach to home furnishings and clothing?

The inspiration was both a commercial one, having seen a gap in the market for timeless, classically beautiful homewares that were exceptional quality yet affordable. Also, I had an inner need to express the character of Eadie (yes, there is a wonderfully interesting woman who lives in my imagination), who came to me with rich and vivid stories that formed the brand's creative direction. She is still the creative compass of each and every style we make.

Can you share the story behind the creation of Eadie's character and how she serves as your creative compass when designing new collections?

The character Eadie came to me in full force one day when I was in the shower. It sounds strange, but she arrived and made her presence felt strongly. I certainly was not conscious of trying to create her and "adapt" her into the business model. "She" arrived first in full detail, from the wine she drank, the friendships she enjoyed, the art she loved and the flowers she kept in her apartment. Tiny little details that, when all put together, created a woman who inspired me. I thought, "What will I do with this wonderful character?". I felt a responsibility to share/communicate her exciting life in some way or form. That was ten years ago, and still, to this day, I feel her sitting over my shoulder constantly, gently steering me forward.

You're known for finding inspiration in life's simplicity and small details. How do these observations translate into the design and aesthetic of your products?

I find the small details of people's lives rich with texture and fascination. Everyday emotions and experiences that we feel and live through love, friendship, family, daily rituals, sensory experiences, cooking, eating, taste and scent, etc., have always held my interest and fascination; so much more than celebrity culture and grand gestures. That converts into a design and aesthetic rich in detail yet incredibly subtle. The majority of our designs (particularly my favourites) are understated, but when you scratch just below the surface, the fabrication, the stitching, the manufacturing processes – all the elements that go into the creating of a style, are rich in detail and quality. We don't scream our style from the rooftops but instead, allow our customers to find their own unique reason for loving our designs.

In your journey with Eadie Lifestyle, what has been your most memorable project or creation, and what made it particularly special for you and the brand?

I have two; the first is the creation of my wonderful team. Never in my wildest dreams when I set out on this path, armed only with the character of Eadie, little to no industry experience and enthusiasm and belief to boot, did I ever imagine I would be so privileged to collaborate, learn from, lead and enjoy such talented, like-minded people who form part of our small but sensational team, and inspire me every day.

The second is the amazing team of artisans I have worked with from the first day. They have become my brothers and sisters, family, friends and greatest cheer squad. Seeing the team in our factory in India grow and develop with us has been such a special and significant part of not only my life but also my children's lives. Our world has become richer for the experience. I feel incredibly grateful.

You are committed to sustainability and artisan craftsmanship. How are these values reflected in your manufacturing processes and the choice of materials?

Yes, we are totally committed, and that is an ongoing journey that we are constantly working on. From the beginning, we have only ever worked with raw materials, not man-made fabrics. There is so much spin around manufactured fabrics these days, and many are marketed as eco-friendly. But when you do your research and see firsthand the impacts these manufacturing processes have on our environment and the communities living close by, you understand how manipulated that message is.

Our factories are accredited, we pay our teams well, we recycle where we can, we use only organic dyes and responsible dying processes, our weaving factory runs its operation on solar power, and we have actively reduced the use of plastics. There is so much we do and much more we will continue to do.

From a design perspective, we are launching a 100% recycled linen collection this year called the Wabi Collection. I won't reveal too much yet, but each and every fibre comes from recycled linen fibre that would otherwise have gone to landfill. Aesthetically, it is absolutely stunning.

What is the one home decor item you believe can instantly transform and enhance any living space?

Well, that's an easy one! Cushions, of course! They are an inexpensive yet effective way to totally transform the look and comfort of a room. That's why we love what we do. We see daily the transformation of our customer's homes. We love seeing how thrilled and excited they are.

What are your aspirations for Eadie Lifestyle, and how do you envision the brand evolving while maintaining its core values of timeless design and quality artistry?

My aspirations for Eadie aren't defined in a medium to long-term business plan. All I know is that the driver for me is seeing the joy our range brings to people and our teams both here and in India. That, for me, is where the magic is, and going forward, I would love to spread that joy to as many people, families and homes as possible.

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