Campari Seltz from Gimlet

Image of glass

12 June 2024

Andrew McConnell’s Gimlet brings a taste of Milan to Melbourne with Campari Seltz on tap. 

Experience a slice of Italian history right here in Melbourne. Gimlet at Cavendish House has just become the first venue in the Southern Hemisphere to install a Campari Seltz machine, making it only the third venue in the world to offer this iconic drink on tap. 

A Timeless Recipe 

The Campari Seltz has been a staple at Campari's Camparino Bar in Galleria, Milan, for over a century. The recipe, unchanged since 1915, is a celebration of the timeless appeal of simplicity. Ice-cold Campari is combined with water siphoned from the machine into a frozen glass. The high-pressure seltz provides aeration, creating a silky froth that releases all the botanicals in the Campari. 


An Elite Club 

With this new addition, Gimlet joins an elite club of just three venues worldwide that offer Campari Seltz on tap. The other two machines can be found in Milan and Berlin, making Gimlet's machine the first 'open to public' Seltz machine in the Southern Hemisphere. 


Experience the Magic at Gimlet 

 You can enjoy a Campari Seltz venue-wide at Gimlet. Whether you're a Campari enthusiast or simply looking to try something new, this is your chance to experience a piece of Italian history right in the heart of Melbourne. 


A Toast to Tradition 

As you raise your glass of Campari Seltz, you'll be participating in a ritual that has remained unchanged for over a century. It's a toast to tradition, to simplicity, and to the timeless art of crafting the perfect drink. 


Head down to Gimlet at Cavendish House and experience the magic of Campari Seltz on tap. It's a taste of Milan that you won't find anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere. 


33 Russell Street, Melbourne