A new wave of art in coastal living

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In the tranquil landscapes of coastal living, where architecture often reflects the calming influence of the ocean, art becomes a vital component in converting spaces into personalised havens. This blend of art and architecture extends beyond visual appeal; it's about crafting spaces that push boundaries to create environments that are both unexpected and thought-provoking.

13 December 2023

Here, Oliver Gabelich, private art curator and owner of Mickys art gallery, delves into how visionaries like Aurel K. Basedow in Como, Italy, and Melbourne’s Nick Thomm are redefining the narrative of coastal living through their art.

In coastal homes, where the architecture typically features open spaces, abundant natural light, and a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor areas, the chosen art must resonate with this essence. The work of Aurel K. Basedow shines in these environments. His unique artworks masterfully balance chaos and control, with his use of resin as a distinctive signature style. Known for his layered, fluid forms, Basedow infuses a sense of mystery and emotional depth, creating an immersive experience that complements and enhances the peaceful yet dynamic atmosphere of seaside living.

Similarly, Nick Thomm’s vibrant and surreal creations add a burst of energy to the calm coastal backdrop. His pieces often act as focal points, drawing the eye and sparking conversation, making them ideal for spaces that aim to be both serene and stimulating.

Shifting focus from the interplay of art and architecture in coastal homes, we observe a significant difference when we turn our attention to metropolitan settings. Homes in urban areas, typically defined by their sleek, modern aesthetics, are drawn to art that reflects this contemporary feel – bold, abstract, and edgy. In contrast, coastal homes favour art that conveys tranquillity and a close bond with nature, often seen in softer, more organic shapes and cooler hues. This variation in artistic preferences highlights the unique atmospheres and themes inspired by distinct living environments.

Coastal architecture varies from traditional beach houses to ultra-modern designs. This diversity calls for a broad palette of artists. The choice of art needs to respect the architectural integrity of the space while also providing a counterpoint that makes each room intriguing. The result is a unique blend of the familiar and the unexpected, a mix of recognisable and international names that may not have been previously considered.

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One challenge for interior designers working on coastal projects is access to a diverse range of artists. The educational phase of such projects often involves connecting with a global network of artists, broadening the scope of possibilities. This approach not only enriches the design process but also introduces homeowners to a world of art they might not have encountered otherwise.

A personal art curator has access to a plethora of both local and international galleries and artists, offering an unparalleled selection that can cater to the unique requirements of each coastal project. An expansive network allows for the discovery and incorporation of extraordinary and lesser-known artworks, ensuring that each space is not just beautifully adorned but also tells a distinctive story that resonates with the homeowner’s personal taste and the home’s architectural character.

Fashion-forward interiors in coastal homes are about creating a sense of style that is innovative and unexpected, steering clear of the predictable. This involves selecting art that pushes the envelope and challenges conventional aesthetics, infusing spaces with unique, avant-garde elements that captivate and intrigue, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

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