A new chapter for Marshall White

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Rediscovering bespoke luxury

21 February 2024

2024 brings a milestone year for Marshall White, marking six decades of legacy and the exciting reveal of a forward-facing rebrand.

At the core of Marshall White's transformative rebrand lies a commitment to the principles of bespoke luxury and personalised service that have long distinguished us as leaders in the prestige real estate market. This evolution reaffirms our dedication to being the leaders in prestige property across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, ensuring our services are perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients through customised marketing strategies.

Our rebranding journey pays homage to our past while boldly stepping into the future. We have selectively woven together highlights from our history, such as orchestrating Melbourne's first million-dollar home sale and setting unprecedented residential sales records with a modern luxury ethos. This merging of tradition and innovation represents Marshall White's esteemed heritage and our responsive approach to the ever-changing luxury real estate landscape.

As Kenyon Marais, Marshall White's Head of Marketing, says, "Heritage is the foundation of our future strategy. With an incomparable track record, we are honoured to guide the business into its next era."

Our dominance in Melbourne's prestige property market is unrivalled. The rebrand is designed to broaden this leadership, connecting with a new generation of buyers while retaining the essence of traditional elegance and contemporary sophistication. This ambition goes beyond maintaining a competitive edge, redefining the benchmarks of luxury real estate.

Seamlessly transitioning into the visual embodiment of this strategy, the rebrand introduces a refined logo system featuring a commanding castle emblem and an elegant wordmark that places our iconic castle symbol at the forefront once again. Inspired by the world's leading lifestyle publications, our distinguished logo elevates our brand's visual narrative.

In an era where novelty often overshadows tradition, Marshall White's rebrand reaffirms our commitment to our heritage and our journey forward. It's a celebration of the best of our past, paying tribute to the legacy of excellence and innovation that has defined us for six decades. As we look to the future, Marshall White remains dedicated to delivering unrivalled service and expertise in the prestige property market, solidifying our role as the definitive destination for luxury real estate in Australia.