Open for Inspection Saturday 22nd of June, between 10 - 11 AM at 3 Lakeview Avenue, Williamstown, or by private appointment. 

Explore the Sustainable Design of Our Home

Our project, designed by ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects, showcases their expertise in environmentally and socially sustainable design. This home is built to foster community connection and support a lifestyle that's eco-friendly.

Featuring thoughtful orientation, efficient water management, enhanced thermal control, and locally sourced materials, this home is crafted to minimize energy usage and reduce ongoing costs. The endemic landscaping complements the local ecology and creates a welcoming environment.

Natural light, ventilation, and adaptable floor plan are prioritized to ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The home is designed to reduce environmental impact while maximizing liveability.

In addition to this outstanding home, you'll have the Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve as your neighbor—a protected conservation area offering diverse wildlife and outdoor activities.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience sustainable living at its best.

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