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488 Barkers Road, Hawthorn East, VIC

Anticipated Completion Mid April 2024
Anticipated Settlement Mid May 2024

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April 2024

Dear Botanica Purchaser,

As construction at 488 Barkers Rd Hawthorn East moves into its final phase, UPS (Unique Property Settlement) has been appointed by developer to work with you in relation to the settlement of your apartment purchase.

Their objective is to provide an efficient and seamless settlement of your apartment. They will work with you, and in conjunction with the developer and the builder, to coordinate valuers, solicitors and other service providers to ensure your property settles smoothly.

From this point onwards, they will be communicating with you either by e-mail or telephone to update you as to construction progress, and to arrange valuation inspection, pre-settlement inspection and key handover post settlement to facilitate your settlement. They will naturally be able to explain the details of the settlement process to you.

Subject to current construction progress, Settlement is expected to commence around Mid-May and Bank Valuation is anticipated to commence around Mid-April.

In the meantime, for any inquiry relating to settlement, please feel free to contact the Settlement Team as follows:

Amanda : +61 413 115 380

Felicia : +61 450 706 566