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Kew is home to lush greenery, quaint coffee shops, and some of the most magnificent historic mansions in all of Melbourne. Located just 8km from the Melbourne CBD, Kew was established back in the 18th century and has a timeless, old-world charm. Many of the period homes, including Italianate mansions, Victorian cottages and grand Edwardians still stand today, and give Kew a regal opulence like no other suburb of Melbourne.

Along with the historic properties, Kew is also known for having some of the most esteemed public and private schools in all of Victoria. This includes Methodist Ladies College, Carey Baptist Grammar School and many more.

Kew is also serviced by ample public transport and offers access to many amenities and conveniences. It is all of these things combined that have made Kew one of the most prosperous and sought after suburbs to live, work and play.

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Marshall White is one of the leading realtors in Kew and has a solid reputation in the area. Kew real estate is popular for both locals and international crowds, due to the opulent, historic properties and well respected nearby schools. Our Kew real estate agents have over 50 years of experience buying and selling homes in this area and are highly sought after by buyers and sellers alike.

If you are looking for homes for sale in Kew that are near the many coveted schools, competition is very fierce. You can be sure however, that our Marshall White agents know the exact steps to take, and will guide you through the process to ensure that you acquire your dream home.

One of the Top Rated Real Estate for Selling Houses at Great Prices

Due to our solid reputation, our Marshall White agents also have access to some of the most unique and highly desirable properties in Kew. These include many of the historic mansions, estates and villas in the coveted Studley Park and Sackville Ward area. When selling your house in Kew, Marshall White also has a strong list of buyers in the area and all the tools and resources that are needed to ensure your home receives the attention it deserves.

Our approach is unrivalled, and the proof is really in the results that we achieve for our clients time and time again. Here are some houses for sale in Kew that we have recently closed-

45 Malmsbury Street (4 bed/1 bath)- $1,720,000

54 First Avenue (3 bed/2 bath) – $2,003,000

71 Cecil Street (4 bed/ 2 bath) – $2,200,000

114A Princess Street (4 bed/3 bath)- $1,550,000

67A Peel Street (3 bed/2 bath)- $1,205,000

24 Fenhurst Grove (3 bed/ 2 bath)- $1,805,000

Buy Your Dream House for Sale in the Highly Demanding & Growing Area

Kew is truly one of Melbourne’s most timeless suburbs. Not only does it have a rich history and stately homes, but it is also close to the hustle and bustle of the city. It is no surprise that property in Kew is in high demand. The average home on the market in Kew receives around 510 visits per property, which is above average for most of Victoria.

Homes in Kew also spend an average of just 42 days on the market, so buyers interested in this area have to move quickly and confidently.

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Prices in Kew vary and depend on the proximity to certain schools, as well as the architectural significance of the property. Statistics show that the average buyer spends around $1.75 million for a piece of Kew real estate. The pristine, tree-lined streets of Kew and worldly feel, makes real estate in this area some of the most premium in all of Melbourne.

The average 3-bedroom home goes for around $1.7 million, whereas 4-bedroom homes tend to average closer to $2.3 million.

Units are also in high demand in Kew, and average around $600,000 for a 2-bedroom place and $950,000 for a 3-bedroom place.

Renters in Kew on average spend $730 per week for a house and $450 per week on a unit.

Buyers in Kew are mainly older couples and growing families. They make up around 18 percent of the buyers interested in the market, followed by independent youth, which is around 15 percent.

The appeal for families in this area is definitely due to the many top private and public schools. There is also ample public transport, which makes it convenient to get around and access the different suburbs of Melbourne. Kew has consistently been one of the more popular suburbs to live and buy property in Melbourne, which is why real estate in this area will always continue to be a lucrative investment.

Looking for a Property Management Realtor in Kew? Contact Us today

When it comes to managing your Kew property, Marshall White has the skills and dedication to get the job done. Whether you are looking for a reliable realtor to manage the sale of your property, or to help you purchase a property, Marshall White can do it all.

We pride ourselves on our honest approach and strive to put our customers at the centre of everything we do. It is this dedication that has earned us one of the top reputations when it comes to property management in the Kew area. Our Marshall White office also has the skills and knowledge to help manage your rental property in Kew. We can help manage repairs, find tenants and provide landlord services, making it easier and less stressful for you.

We get results for our clients every single time, which is why Marshall White is one of the leading realtors, not just in Kew, but in all of Melbourne.

The origins of Kew date back to the 1840s when it was known as the Parish of Boroondara and it has grown to be one of Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs with a mix of magnificent Italianate mansions such as Raheen and Burke Hall, and significant Victorian and Edwardian residences gracing large allotments in wide leafy streets. As a consequence, many of these residences now attract some of the highest residential resale values in Melbourne particularly in the Studley Park area and the coveted Sackville Ward. More recently some allotments have been redeveloped into townhouses or duplexes appealing to a newer demographic keen to be close to the Melbourne CBD but also many of Melbourne’s finest schools. Kew’s lifestyle benefits include Kew Junction home to the renowned Leo’s Fine Foods and Recreation Centre, proximity to Richmond and Hawthorn plus a plethora of parklands and the trails bordering the Yarra River.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or simply need your rental property managed in Balwyn, Camberwell, Deepdene, East Melbourne, Hampton, Malvern, Richmond & many other suburbs around Melbourne Metro areas, Why not contact us today to see how we can assist you?

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