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Founded in 2015, the Marshall White Foundation emerged with a mission to bring about a notable change for those suffering hardship, especially within our local communities in Melbourne.

The central objective of the Foundation has consistently been to build a beneficial corpus of funds. The investment income generated from this corpus would then be strategically used on a sustained basis to help where it’s most needed.

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2023 Marshall White Foundation Ball
The 2023 Marshall White Foundation Ball was held at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins on Saturday 3rd of June. We would like to thank everyone who donated and contributed to this successful event, it was a fun-filled evening of dining and entertainment, whilst supporting a variety of charities including You Matter and Launch Housing.

A special thanks to all our sponsors and those who volunteered on the night.
      Our Dedication
      The Marshall White Foundation dedicates itself to helping some of the most vulnerable members within our communities, with particular emphasis on women affected by domestic violence, facing mental health issues, and/or confronting homelessness.
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      Our Mission
      Marshall White Foundation, seeded with $100,000, demonstrates a concrete pledge to not only provide immediate relief but also build a future self-sustaining model.

      Following this initial contribution and our decade-long expansion strategy, the Foundation has amassed over $3 million, empowering us to hasten our mission to aid those in need via our charity partners.

      The Foundation is committed to assisting the most vulnerable in our communities, especially women affected by domestic violence, mental health struggles, or homelessness.

      Amidst a rising housing crisis, we've initiated the Parachute Fund in partnership with Launch Housing in 2022, aimed at preventing societal fall-throughs. As of 2023, this Fund has helped 105 individuals to reorient their lives.

      We also collaborate with You Matter, an organisation establishing safe havens for individuals escaping family violence. Our funding enabled the creation of 45 havens this year, assisting 45 women and 57 children towards recovery and resilience.

      Our achievements reinforce our commitment to community support, underscoring our mission's vital importance. Alongside our generous supporters, the Marshall White Foundation significantly transforms lives.
      Watch the Foundation video here
      Launch Housing
      The Marshall White Foundation supports Launch Housing, a Melbourne-based organisation passionately committed to creating lasting societal change to help those most in need within our communities.

      Launch Housing delivers homelessness services and life-changing housing support to disadvantaged Victorians. From providing high quality housing to an innovative range of support, education, and employment services, they offer solutions to homelessness under one roof for thousands at risk of or experiencing the crisis and trauma of homelessness.

      With over 400 staff working across 14 locations in metropolitan Melbourne, Launch Housing combines direct action with advocacy, research, and innovation to drive widespread change. Their aim is to not merely ‘treat’ homelessness, but to end it.
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      You Matter
      Australians are increasingly aware of the prevalence of family violence within our society, and You Matter is committed to being part of the solution. You Matter supports women and families who have experienced family violence through the provision of essential household items needed to run a functional home.

      Their purpose is to aid in the recovery process of survivors of family violence by providing a haven from which families can launch their new life in a stable environment. Providing a move-in ready home alleviates the potentially overwhelming financial strain associated with starting anew. Their aim is to give those women and families a home with hope for a brighter future.
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      How to Apply for Support
      Are you a charity that could benefit from our support?

      The Marshall White Foundation would like to extend their donations to organisations operating within our local areas.

      Our Foundation Board convenes quarterly, during which applications are evaluated. Grants are distributed biannually in May and November.

      To apply for support, please view the below guidelines and email [email protected] with your intent to apply for a grant. You will then be supplied with all information required to complete your application.
      Granting Guidelines and Policy
      Trustees & Management
      The foundation will always have at least 5 directors, 3 of which will always be independent of Marshall White.
      Foundation Trustee

      Chairman & Director Marshall White
      James Connell
      Foundation Trustee

      Legal Counsel
      Jack Rush QC
      Foundation Trustee & Chair
      Former Mayor of Prahran
      Leonie Hemingway
      Foundation Trustee
      Director of Marshall White
      Paula Matlock
      Foundation Trustee
      Director of Mercy Health Foundation
      Gavan Woinarski
      Foundation Trustee
      Director of Marshall White
      Nicole French
      Partnerships & Foundation
      Partnerships & Charities
      Foundation Ball Sponsors
      In conjunction to local schools and community groups. The team at Marshall White proudly support:
      We thank our 2023 Foundation Ball Sponsors for their continued support.
      Written by John Bongiorno and illustrated by Caroline Keys
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