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Southbank Real Estate

The life and soul of Southbank is the affluent, buzzing Southbank Promenade. This path stretches along the south side of the Yarra River from the popular Southgate shopping and dining complex to the glittering Crown Casino. Southbank is an important cultural hub that includes the Melbourne Arts Centre, Concert Hall, Melbourne Recital Centre, National Gallery of Victoria, the Malthouse Theatre, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and Victorian College of the Arts. It also includes the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (informally known as Jeff’s Shed after a former premier) and the Polly Woodside Maritime Museum. Significant and rapid residential development has occurred in Southbank in recent years, with the population skyrocketing. The vast majority of residents live in high rise apartments, the tallest of which is the 300m tall Eureka Tower. The 92-level tower is one of the world’s tallest residential buildings.

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Southbank Real Estate Agents

Southbank is the cosmopolitan mecca of Melbourne and is known for its vibrant arts and entertainment culture. Southbank is located in the heart of the Melbourne city and stretches along the south side of the Yarra River.

The area is also famous for Crown Casino, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne Arts Centre and so much more. There are also ample food and dining experiences including quaint cafes, coffee shops and some of the most sought after restaurants in Melbourne. Properties in Southbank are mainly high-rise apartments, many of which offer glittering views of the Melbourne skyline and the Yarra River. The bustling and vibrant energy of Southbank attracts both locals and an international crowd, making the area one of Melbourne’s finest destinations.

Looking to Sell or Buy Houses for Sale in South Bank at Best Prices

If you are looking for houses for sale in Southbank, Marshall White is there to help you find the perfect place.

Marshall White has access to some of the most prestigious and sought-after properties in all of Melbourne, including many Southbank penthouses and premium apartments. Properties in Southbank can be difficult to come by and competition is often fierce, which means that aligning yourself with a reputable realtor is a must.

When it comes to selling Southbank real estate, Marshall White is one of the most trusted realtors in the business and knows what it takes to earn you the best price on your home.

Our agents also use the latest marketing techniques, which are proven to get your property noticed by the right buyers locally and internationally.

Marshall White also has an extensive database of contacts, making it easy to sell your home the first time around.

If you are interested in selling your property, or if you are interested in Southbank homes for sale, contact one of our friendly agents today to see how we can guide you in the right direction.

Don’t Miss Out to Browse Our Latest Houses for Sale Near the Full Access to the CBD

The vibrant arts and entertainment culture, access to the CBD and plentiful amenities makes Southbank a highly sought after destination for both young and old.

The area has a mix of both residential and commercial properties and new developments are regularly being added. Southbank is also home to the famous Eureka tower, which is one of Melbourne’s tallest buildings.

Southbank comes with many conveniences, making it a perfect place for young professionals and those who work in the CBD. It is also serviced by ample public transport and is easily accessible to nearly all suburbs of Melbourne. Independent, professional singles and youth currently make up around 70 percent of the market, followed by older and retired independents at 8 percent.

Southbank is also a popular area for tourists and attracts attention from overseas buyers as well. Homes for sale in Southbank can be hard to come by due to the limited availability and high competition. Many listings are snapped up as soon as they hit the market, making it very difficult for interested buyers.

Interested to Know the Property Prices in Southbank? Speak With Marshall White

When it comes to property prices in Southbank, the average apartment sells for anywhere between $570-802k depending on the size and amenities on offer.

Penthouse apartments and apartments with views of the Melbourne skyline can fetch upwards of a million or more. There are also very limited family style homes in the Southbank area and most of these properties come with 2 to 3 bedrooms and smaller living spaces.

Due to the higher percentage of younger residents, renting in Southbank is extremely popular. Prices average anywhere from $450 per week to $730 per week depending on the property. Renters make up 61 percent of the Southbank property market, making it a highly appealing area for those looking to purchase a solid investment property.

Southbank is definitely one of Melbourne’s most prized areas and has so much to offer from restaurants and entertainment, to stunning views of the city skyline. Southbank is also close to many prestigious Universities, shops, sporting arenas and bars, making it a top choice for young independents.

Rental Property Management Specialists in Southbank

When it comes to managing your Southbank real estate, Marshall White is the best in the business. Our realtors have over 50 years of experience with real estate in the Southbank area and know exactly what it takes to help you find, sell or lease a property at the best price.

Marshall White also offers professional property management services for those with rental properties in Southbank. These services include finding tenants, collecting rent, managing repairs and so much more.

By placing your valued property in the hands of our dedicated realtors, you can be certain that you investment receives the attention it deserves and remains profitable for years to come .When it comes to working with Marshall White, you can be certain that we will treat your property as if it were our own.

If you are interested in any of our services, contact us today to find out more.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or simply need your rental property managed in Ashburton, Black Rock, Caulfield North, Glen iris, Elwood, Hawthorn, Kooyong, Surrey Hills, Port Melbourne & many other suburbs around Melbourne Metro areas, Why not contact us today to see how we can assist you?

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