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Sandringham is located 16 km south of the CBD. Sandringham is a bayside suburb located in Melbourne’s south-east. The suburb is primarily residential with open reserves lining the foreshore in the west. The City of Bayside municipal offices are located in Sandringham. The suburb also features a commercial district around the Sandringham railway terminus, as well as a major Boat Harbour and Marina and health care facilities, such as the Sandringham & District Memorial Hospital and the Fairway Nursing Home.

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Sandringham is a glittering bayside suburb that is located less than 16km south-east of the Melbourne CBD.

Sandringham is mainly a residential area and features stunning homes and recreational facilities the whole family can enjoy.

Sandringham also offers a variety of housing options from modern beachfront properties, to traditional family style homes and even apartment living.

There are also plenty of amenities in the Sandringham, including access to public transportation, dining and entertainment options and so much more.

Sandringham is a popular area for families due to its proximity to the water and the laidback and relaxing lifestyle that the area offers.

We Help Buyers & Sellers to Find Out What They Want

Marshall White is one of the most respected real estate agents in Sandringham and has been servicing the area for nearly 50 years.

Throughout the years, Marshall White has achieved outstanding results and has helped both buyers and sellers alike to navigate through the competitive Sandringham marketplace with ease.

The average property in the suburb of Sandringham attracts over 557 visitors each, which is above average compared to the rest of Victoria.

This means that property in the stunning ocean-side suburb of Sandringham, is in high demand and interested buyers need to have the confidence to act fast.

When a suburb has a lot of competition, it is important to work alongside the best real estate agents in the industry to ensure that you find the house you want at the right price.

Due to Marshall White’s extensive reputation and experience in the area, buyers who are looking for homes for sale in Sandringham can trust Marshall White to point them in the right direction and guide them through the entire buying process.

Secure the Best Deal for Your Property With Sandringham Real Estate

For those looking to sell real estate in Sandringham, Marshall White realtors have a proven track record due to their dedication and experience in marketing.

In fact, our agents have assisted Sandringham residents to secure some of the best prices for their property.

Here are just some Sandringham houses for sale that our agents have managed to close at exceptional prices-

17 Carew Street (4 bed/2 bath)- $1,940,000

10 Green Parade (4 bed/2 bath)- $1,571,000

116 Bay Road (4 bed/2 bath)-$1,850,000

12 Trentham Street (3 bed/1 bath)- $1,551,000

If you are thinking of selling your Sandringham property, why not speak with our friendly agents today?

Buying a Houses for Sale in Sandringham Can Get You the Access to all Public Access

Homes for sale in Sandringham offer stunning views of the ocean, which makes the area highly appealing to Australian families of all ages.

Currently, around 40 percent of people living in Sandringham are older families and couples, followed by elderly singles and couples at 11 percent.

An older demographic are drawn to the Sandringham area due to the laidback lifestyle, proximity to the water and the many convenient amenities.

Sandringham is also popular with families due to the many public and private schools nearby and the accessibility to public transport services.

Houses for sale in Sandringham range from newly renovated, to fixer-upper properties. There are also opportunities to purchase land in Sandringham as well.

Interested to Know the Property Prices in Sandringham? Speak With Marshall White Realtors

When it comes to property prices, the average property sells for $1.5 million. Four or more bedroom homes however can be more expensive, and can fetch closer to $1.8 million.

Units and apartments are also becoming increasingly popular in Sandringham and sell for an average of $667k each. Larger units or apartments however, can be closer to $1 million.

Renting is also popular in the area and averages around $400 to $800 per week depending on the proximity to the ocean and the amenities on offer.

With the right guidance and reassurance, our Sandringham real estate agents can help you to sell or purchase your property with confidence and ease.

Why not contact one of our agents today to see how we can help you?

Looking for Property Management Solutions in Sandringham? Contact Us Today

If you are looking for Sandringham real estate for sale or looking to sell your Sandringham property, Marshall White have the experience and skills to confidently guide you in the right direction.

Whether you are looking to sell, purchase or lease your home, our realtors go above and beyond to ensure that everything is handled with the highest of standards.

Our agents also work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best price for your property, whether you are selling a precious family home or looking to buy a new home.

Along with effectively managing the sale and purchase of your property, Marshall White also offers professional property management services in Sandringham for rental or investment properties.

Our services include-finding tenants, collecting rent and managing any repairs or maintenance.

By having a team of local experts manage your property, you can trust that your Sandringham investment will be in good hands.

If you are interested in any of Marshall White’s services, contact us today to learn more.
Whether you are looking to buy, sell or simply need your rental property managed in Balwyn, Camberwell, Deepdene, East Melbourne, Hampton, Kew, Malvern, Richmond & many other suburbs around Melbourne Metro areas, Why not contact us today to see how we can assist you?

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