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Middle Park is located 4 km south of the CBD. Middle Park is an affluent residential suburb located on Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne’s inner south. The suburb has a well educated and professional population, with more than 30% with a bachelor or higher degree and 27% of it’s labour force employed in the finance, property and business sectors. The suburb also features Middle Park Beach and the Middle Park Life Saving Club.

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Middle Park is a prestigious suburb located right along Port Phillip Bay and only 4km from the CBD. Middle Park is an extremely popular suburb amongst families, singles and couples and it is easy to see why. The fresh sea breeze, quaint coffee shops and prime location, make it one of Melbourne’s most highly sought after areas.

Properties in Middle Park range from Victorian style architecture to more modern and traditional style family homes, leaving something for everyone.Middle Park is also close to the beautiful Middle Park Beach, Albert Park Lake and the trendy suburb of St. Kilda. All of this combined makes Middle Park a top destination to live, work and play.

Looking for Middle Park Real Estate for Sale?

Marshall White is one of the leading realtors in the area and knows how to guide you in the right direction. Real estate in Middle Park is in extremely high demand and the average property attracts over 3,282 visitors each. This is well above the average for the rest of Victoria, which means that interested buyers need to be confident and ready to act in order to navigate through the competitive marketplace.

Marshall White knows how challenging it can be to buy a new home, which is why our Middle Park real estate agents will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for at the right price. Due to our exceptional reputation in the area, our agents also have access to some of the most exclusive and luxurious homes for sale in Middle Park.

Sell Your Middle Park Property at Exceptional Prices With Marshall White

When it comes to selling your Middle Park home, Marshall White are the best at marketing and promoting your home in the best light.

This has allowed our agents to sell homes in Middle Park at outstanding prices and has earned Marshall White the title of being one of the most trusted and respected real estate agencies in the region.

Here are just some of the Middle Park houses for sale that our agents have closed at exceptional prices-

54 Armstrong Street (3 bed/2 bath)- $3,415,000

76 Canterbury Road (5 bed/ 2 bath)- $2,905,000

50 Park Road (2 bed/1 bath)- $1,515,000

76 Neville Street (3 bed/1 bath)- $1,420,000

15 Fraser Street (2 bed/1 bath)- $1,025,000

25 Canterbury Road (2 bed/ 1 bath)- $1,260,000

Perfect for Small Families Looking to Buy Houses for Sale in Middle Park

Middle Park has so much to offer. Not only is it footsteps from the beach, but it is also close to the CBD, giving you every service and amenity at your fingertips. Middle Park also features a stunning array of homes, from quaint Victorian style townhouses to more traditional style family homes.

Properties are typically smaller in Middle Park, making it a popular area for singles, couples and smaller families.

Interested to Know the Properties Prices in Middle Park? Speak With Marshall White Realtors

On average, houses for sale in Middle Park sell for $2.1 million, making it one of Melbourne’s more expensive suburbs.

Currently, around 30 percent of residents in Middle Park are mature and established couples and families. This is followed by mature singles, which make up around 20 percent. Properties in Middle Park average around $1.2 million for a 2-bedroom home and upwards of $2.1million for a 3-bedroom home. Four or more bedroom homes are hard to come by, however they can fetch upwards of $3 million or more.

Units and apartments in Middle Park average around $865k to $1 million, and are often in extremely high demand. Renting in Middle Park is also popular due to the number of independent singles in the area.

Renters in Middle Park can expect to pay upwards of $450 to 750 to per week, depending on the size of the property and exact location.

Real estate in Middle Park typically spends just 24 days on the market, making it a hot spot to own property. With an endless list of amenities and beauty of the suburb, it is easy to see why Middle Park is one of the most coveted suburbs of Melbourne.

Looking for Property Management Solutions in Middle Park? Contact Us Today

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease property, you can be certain that Marshall White have the tools, knowledge and resources to support you. At Marshall White we always put our customers first, which is why we offer dedicated property management services for those with rental or investment properties in Middle Park

Our services include finding reliable tenants, collect rent and managing any upkeep or repairs that your property may need. Essentially, we take all the stress and hassle out of managing your rental property so you don’t have to. This is just another way that Marshall White works to serve you and is why we are one of the top real estate agencies in the Middle Park area and beyond.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or simply need your rental property managed in Albert Park, Black Rock , Canterbury, Glen iris, Hampton, Kooyong, Murrumbeena, Port Melbourne & many other suburbs around Melbourne Metro areas, Why not contact us today to see how we can assist you?


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