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Located just 8km outside of the Melbourne CBD is Malvern, a trendy yet family-friendly suburb that is one of the most desirable places to live. Malvern features leafy streets, delightful cafes and boutiques, outstanding schools, plenty of green parks and the lively Glenferrie road.

Due to the amenities and lifestyle that Malvern offers, it has become one of the premier suburbs in Melbourne to live, work and play. The clean, picturesque streets of Malvern are also home to significant heritage buildings including the Stonington Mansion and the Malvern tram depot.

These regal buildings, coupled with the emergence of more modern architecture in recent years, make Malvern a truly impressive place to live.

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Real Estate Agents Malvern

Marshall White has over 50 years of experience when it comes to purchasing and selling your home in the Malvern area.In fact, the first Marshall White office was opened in Malvern along Glenferrie road and is where our story first began.

It was our knowledge and dedication to the Malvern area that helped us to grow into one of the leading real estate agents in the most prestigious suburbs of Melbourne.

Even though we have expanded our wings since our first office, Malvern is still very much home territory for us, and we are still one of the leading Malvern real estate agents.

There is no other realtor out there that understands Malvern real estate like we do, so whether you are looking to purchase or sell a property in this area, we have the skills and agents that know exactly what it takes. Don’t just take our word for it, here is a list of Malvern properties that we have recently sold-

312 Glenferrie Road (4 bed/3 bath) – $4,700,000

48 Somers Avenue (4 bed/2 bath) – $2,200,000

20 Silver Street (3 bed/2 bath) – $1,950,000

30 Dixon Street (3 bed/2 bath)- $1,930,000

Best Decision for Buyers Looking to Buy a House for Sale in Malvern Area

Homes for sale in Malvern are constantly in high demand, making this area a great place for buyers and sellers alike. Active buyers in the Malvern area mostly include families (18%), established couples (14%) and independent youth (13%).

Malvern’s more spacious style properties are what make this area popular with families. It is also close to top schools including Malvern Primary School and De La Salle College.

Public transit is also easily accessible in Malvern and there are plenty of trains, buses and trams in the area. Malvern is also close to major freeways and is very centrally located. Malvern is also within close proximity to Kooyong Park, the Malvern Public Gardens and St Francis Xavier Cabrini Hospital.

While period homes and 19th-century mansions are popular in Malvern, the suburb also features more modern construction and stylish apartment style living. No matter what your taste or style in home design, Malvern has a little bit of everything.

Interested to Know the Property Prices in Malvern? Speak With Our Realtors

If you are looking for houses for sale in Malvern, expect to be paying upwards of $3,200 per square metre. This puts the average price in Malvern for a 3-bedroom home to around $1.9 million, and a 4-bedroom home to around $2.3 million.

Units and apartments start at around $617,000 for a 2-bedroom, but can reach upwards of $1.5 million for newer and more spacious buildings. Rent in this area is around $500 to $600 per week for a 1 to 2 bedroom place and around $800 to $1,000 per week for a 3 to 4 bedroom place.

These prices are above average for Victoria, making Malvern one of the more prestigious and sought after suburbs in Melbourne.

With high demand for properties in this area, it is no surprise that prices in this area have been on a steady incline in recent years. While 2016 is expected to be more stable than previous years, Malvern property is definitely a hot commodity.

Looking for Honest Property Management in Malvern? Contact Us Today

Managing the sale or purchase of your property is not something we take lightly. At Marshall White, our focus is on providing all of our clients with the same dedication, integrity and enthusiasm that has helped us to become one of the premier realtors and real estate agents in Melbourne.

From start to finish, our real estate agents will go out of their way to ensure that your property receives the attention it deserves. This includes, showcasing your property using stunning, state of the art photography, posting images and videos online and ensuring that your property is marketed in local newspapers and our newsletters.

Our Malvern real estate agents will walk you through every step of the process and ensure that you are informed about everything we are doing to manage your property effectively.

We Help Clients to Buy or Sell their Properties at Top Prices

Whether you are selling or looking to purchase an apartment, unit, mansion or villa, we have an active database of properties and buyers in the Malvern area that we have been growing for the last 50 years.

This not only separates us from the competition, but it also puts your property in some of the most skilled and experienced hands in the real estate business.

Malvern is located 8 km south-east of the CBD. Malvern is a residential suburb located in Melbourne’s south-east. It has a high proportion of its labour force employed in the finance, property and business services (24%) and the community services (25%) sectors. The suburb is traversed by the Glen Waverley and Dandenong railway lines. Malvern also features the Malvern Clinic, St Francis Xavier Cabrini Hospital, Kooyong Park and the Malvern Public Gardens.

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