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Elwood is located 8 km south of the CBD. Located along Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne’s inner south, Elwood is one of the most densely settled suburbs in Melbourne at just under 5,000 persons per square kilometre. The suburb also has many small households, with almost half comprised of just one person. The area also has a high proportion of medium and high density dwellings, the majority of which are one and two bedrooms in size. The suburb also features Elwood Beach, Elwood Canal and the Point Ormond Reserve.

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Elwood is a trendy beachside suburb located less than 8km from the Melbourne CBD.

If you love being by the water but also crave the city lifestyle, Elwood is the perfect destination.

Nestled between Brighton and St. Kilda, Elwood offers all the comforts of suburban living along with the conveniences of the city and the beauty of the ocean.

There is also a quaint charm to Elwood that is unlike any other suburb. All of the streets are named after famous poets and there is a picturesque, winding canal that runs through the area.

Elwood is definitely an attractive and popular suburb that attracts both young and old, making it the perfect place to call home.

Secure the Best Deal for Your Dream Home for Sale With Elwood Real Estate

Elwood is a beautiful suburb of Melbourne and the perfect place to own property.

Due to its popularity, the Elwood real estate market is highly competitive and properties are in high demand. In fact, the average property receives over 1,309 visits, which is more than double the average for the rest of Victoria.

For those looking for houses for sale in Elwood or for those looking to sell an Elwood property, it is imperative to team up with a knowledgeable realtor that can help guide you through the process.

Marshall White have 50 years of experience when it comes to selling real estate in the Elwood area and knows what it takes to help you secure the best deal.

Due to our solid and trusted reputation in the industry, our agents also have exclusive access to some of the top homes for sale in Elwood. These include beachfront homes, modern apartments and restored Victorians.

No matter what type of property you are looking to buy or sell, Marshall White is the number one choice when it comes to real estate in Elwood and have helped thousands of clients to score some of the best prices in the area.

Here are just some of the Elwood homes for sale that we have recently closed at outstanding prices –

10 Byrne (4 bed/3 bath)- $4,840,000

32 Meredith Street (3 bed/ 2 bath)- $1,775,000

40 Mason Avenue (3 bed/1 bath)- $1,210,000

330 Barkly Street (3 bed/ 1 bath)- $1,455,000

23 Meredith Street (3 bed/ 1 bath)- $1,331,000

4 Mason Avenue (2 bed/ 1 bath)- $1,222,500

If you are interested in Elwood real estate for sale or would like to sell your Elwood home, contact us today.

Buy a House for Sale in the Highly Demanding Area & Make Your Life Easier

Elwood is a chic suburb that is home to plenty of restaurants, cafes, entertainment and nightlife. It is also just a short journey from the heart of the CBD.

Elwood features quaint waterfront homes, trendy apartment living, restored Victorian homes and modern mansions.

The bustling, tree-lined streets of Elwood are also very walkable and serviced by ample public transport, making it a great suburb for those who prefer not to drive. Due to the thriving energy of Elwood, the area attracts many young singles and couples who are looking to be close to the city but still surrounded by nature.

Currently, mature and established singles make up around 34 percent of those interested in Elwood real estate, followed by independent youth at 23 percent and maturing couples and families at 11 percent. Due to the high demand for property in Elwood, buyers can expect to pay over $1.6 million for a house and around $670k for an apartment or unit.

The average 3-bedroom home sells for $1.6 million and $2.4 million for a 4-bedroom home. Units and apartments are more affordable and sell for an average of $670k for a 2-bedroom place and $1.1 million for 3 or more bedrooms. The average rent in Elwood is around $775 per week for a house and around $400 per week for a unit or apartment.

Elwood living offers the hustle and bustle of city life along with the peace and tranquillity of the ocean, making Elwood the perfect place to own property. If you have property already, we can help you sell your house in Elwood.

Need Help in Rental & Investment Property Management? Contact Us Today

Our Marshall White realtors are experts at managing your Elwood property.

From the very beginning to the very end, Marshall White will work with you to ensure that the sale, lease or purchase of your Elwood home yields positive results for all involved. Our Elwood real estate agents understand the local property market inside and out and are some of the most trusted and highly sought after in the area.

For those with investment properties in Elwood, Marshall White also offers property management and landlord services. These services include managing your tenants, collecting rent and scheduling repairs. This is just another way that Marshall White works to serve you and is what sets us apart from the competition. Looking for real estate in Melbourne? We can certainly help.

No matter what your property management needs are, you can be confident that Marshall White will have it all taken care of in a proficient, friendly and enthusiastic manner.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or simply need your rental property managed in Albert Park, Black Rock , Canterbury, Glen iris, Hampton, Kooyong, Murrumbeena, Port Melbourne & many other suburbs around Melbourne Metro areas, Why not contact us today to see how we can assist you?

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