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Steeped in history, Box Hill was once a township made prosperous by its fruit-growing land. With its agricultural boom, ensued many new houses, enterprises and population growth, laying the foundation for the Box Hill that stands today. A place where towering new office buildings, educational facilities and hospitals meet bustling markets and suburban living. Box Hill has firmly established itself as the pre-eminent growth centre for Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.

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Lively, charming and full of character, Box Hill is the beating heart of Melbourne’s east.

Once quaint, this energetic suburb is enjoying a surge in development – with the offerings to prove it. There’s Box Hill Town Hall, an impressive aquatic centre, the diverse produce at Box Hill Central, two prominent hospitals, great transport links and leading educational facilities.

What’s more, the suburb is set to undergo expansive growth and development over the coming years, due to its status as a Metropolitan Activity Centre. With Box Hill on the up and up, astute buyers are coming along for the ride.

Box Hill is well-loved by its residents for its vibrant lifestyle, dynamic culture, and diverse community – and there’s no need to look further than its world-class dining as an example. Japanese restaurant Katori boasts two former Nobu chefs, a decadent seasonal menu, and striking contemporary décor, delivering the fine dining you’d expect from Melbourne’s CBD to the eastern suburbs. Sear your own premium, grade 9 Wagyu beef on the gold-rimmed charcoal grills imported from Japan or indulge in the more subtle flavours of the sushi and sashimi options. Paired with a striking signature cocktail or imported Japanese sake, your tastebuds will be in paradise.

Just around the corner, tucked away off Whitehorse Road, is Second Wife – another vibrant offering locals delight in. For owners Semir Elamazi and Reiji Honour’s, this is their second cafe together – hence the name. Paying homage to their respective Japanese and Middle Eastern heritage, you’ll find an eclectic menu, where Okonomiyaki sits playfully alongside Moroccan eggs. Set within the backdrop of an industrial-chic interior with gold accents and pendant lighting, Second Wife is deserving of its popularity among the brunch crowd.

Box Hill’s diversity carries beyond its culinary offerings to its wellness services, and Seed Yoga and Wellness provides a welcome oasis for those looking for rest and recuperation – no matter their yoga ability. Owners Sharon Spencer and Lisa Allwell have ensured inclusivity and accessibility are central to the studio’s philosophy through a thoughtfully curated selection of classes, including teen yoga, kids’ yoga and the occasional ‘Yoga for Stiff Men’ – featuring a complimentary beer on completion, of course. Perched amongst the treetops, you’ll forget that you’re in bustling Box Hill.


Grounding back to earth, you’ll find that you never need to go far for your daily staples thanks to a thriving local shopping centre. However, if you’re looking for something extra special, Taylor Francis & Co is a must-visit. Renowned for their enviable array of international perfume brands, including Fragonard Parfumeur and Hierbas de Ibiza, this boutique store is a mecca for fragrance aficionados. Within this one-stop style destination, you’ll also find fashion favourites, such as ELK and Rollie footwear, Pixi skincare, and a collection of carefully selected gifts and accessories. It’s no wonder their customers travel from all over the city to enjoy their wares.

While Box Hill is a flourishing hub, venture into the suburb’s back streets and you’ll be transported to the suburbs old-world past. There’s period homes in their original condition, particularly from the 1930s and 1940s, Art Deco homes and Californian bungalows – all situated on generous blocks. There’s also a growing number of contemporary apartments for young professionals, who are enjoying a suburb that’s on the rise. A mere 12 kilometres from the city, Box Hill is well-deserving of its status as one of Melbourne’s fastest-growing and most desirable suburbs.

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