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Located in the sweet spot between Malvern and Toorak, Armadale is a short 7km outside of the Melbourne CBD. Armadale has a history of opulence and in the 1880’s was a popular suburb for rich merchants and those in the gold trade. Many of the grand, Victorian-style mansions that were built during that era still stand today and give Armadale its character and charm.

Today, Armadale attracts a younger, more urban crowd who have large disposable incomes and are looking to buy into the timeless luxury on display. Contemporary tastes have also brought more modern homes into the Armadale area, giving this suburban eclectic mix of both new and old.

Armadale is also home to charming cafes and boutiques, ample shopping and nightlife and offers plenty of public transport options. All of this combined has made Armadale one of the most sought-after suburbs and a top place to buy or sell real estate in Melbourne.

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Real Estate Agents Armadale

When purchasing or selling a house or property in a popular suburb like Armadale, it is crucial that you choose the right real estate company for the job. Marshall White has over 50 years of experience in the Armadale area and knows what it takes to ensure that you get the best price for your home, apartment or mansion.

Whether you are selling a period home or something more contemporary, Marshall White has the best reputation when it comes to getting the best deal. This not only applies to those looking to purchase real estate in Armadale, but also to those looking to sell real estate as well.

Buy a House & Sell a Property at Competitive Prices With Armadale Real Estate

With our years of experience, we will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to make the right decision for you. Purchasing or selling a home is definitely not an easy task, so take the time you need to research and find the best realtor for you and your home.

If you are curious about the results we have delivered for other people’s homes, here is a look at some of the 200 properties we have recently sold in Armadale-

30 Wattletree Road (3 bed/2bath)- $1,090,000

26 Kooyong Road (4bed/2bath)- $1,780,000

5 Elm Grove (2 bed/2bath)- $2,845,000

8A Barkly Avenue (3 bed/2bath)- $1,345,000

6 Sutherland Rd (3 bed/2bath)- $1,785,000

Find Your Dream Houses for Sale in the Highly Demanding Area

Real Estate in Armadale is in high demand due to the area’s central location and the many amenities nearby. The streets of Armadale are also pristine, lush and green, which helps to attract buyers from all around Australia and the world. Around 42 percent of those buying into Armadale are independent, established youths and couples. This alone has helped to raise the property values in Armadale and has quickly made it one of the trendier suburbs of Melbourne.

In fact, real estate is in such high demand in Armadale that the average property receives over 1,000 visitors. This is significantly greater than the average in Victoria, which is around 500 visitors per property.

Get the Best Deal for the Most Popular Homes for Sale in Armadale

If you are looking to purchase real estate in Armadale, the median price of a 3-bedroom home is $2.03 million and the average price for a 4-bedroom home is $3.4 million.

Unit sales are also popular in Armadale, with the average 2-bedroom unit going for around $650,000 and the average 3-bedroom unit going for around $890,000.

Renters are also highly interested in the Armadale area, which has pushed rents up in the area to around $700 to $800 per week for a 2 to 3 bedroom home.

The growing interest in Armadale in recent years has made it one of the most sought-after suburbs in Melbourne. This has made purchasing or selling property in Armadale particularly interesting.

Demand is high and buyers are willing to spend, which has caused Armadale real estate to thrive, particularly in the last five years. For those looking for homes for sale in Armadale, it is imperative that your realtor has the knowledge and skills to help you close the deal at the perfect price.

Houses for sale in Armadale are consistently in high demand, so planning your approach carefully is highly recommended. At Marshall White, our Armadale real estate agents will guide you through the entire process and ensure that you are receiving the best deal and advice to purchasing the home of your dreams.

Looking for a Property Management Experts in Armadale? Contact Us Today

The efficient management of your Armadale property is something we thrive on at Marshall White. Our experienced and dedicated agents will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your property is managed with our most focused and dedicated attention.

We are always willing to go that extra mile and work hard to ensure that your property is sold or purchased at the best price. When it comes to selling property in Armadale, we know that visibility is key. That is why we promote all of our properties on our website, in newspapers and on various social media platforms. This ensures that audiences are seeing your property from all around Victoria and even internationally.

We have found that this, along with some of our other unrivalled techniques, allows us to score our clients some of the best deals in town. With our growing database of interested buyers in the Armadale area, you can be sure Marshall White knows the best way to sell your home.

Armadale is located 7 km south-east of the CBD. Armadale is located in Melbourne’s inner south-east between Malvern Road in the north, Glenferrie Road to the east and Dandenong Road to the south. The suburb is primarily residential with vibrant commercial shopping centres, such as the High Street shopping strip and Malvern Central Shopping Centre. The population is predominately of young people which results in small household sizes. A number of tram lines traverse the suburb.

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