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As winter becomes a thing of the past, the warmer weather brings out more than just sunnier dispositions. It invites potential buyers onto the streets and into open homes across Victoria. Bringing over a decade of experience in selling premium real estate, Marshall White Directors Oliver Bruce and Nicole French explain why Spring is the ultimate time to sell. 

Buyers are more willing to venture out to view new properties and sunnier days are encouraging more inspections and viewings. There’s also the added incentive to purchase in Spring so settlement can be finalised before the end of the year.  

So what’s the first step to selling your property this spring? Nicole emphasises always beginning your process with a complimentary appraisal. “Not only is it important to understand the market value of your property, but the end-to-end process involved in getting your home ready to sell.”

Whether you’re the buyer or the vendor, we pride ourselves on getting the best outcome for all. Importantly, we ensure collaboration from start to finish.”
Oliver Bruce Marshall White Director

Primed with insights and expertise, you can be confident speaking to a Marshall White agent, knowing they’ll equip you with the right advice on what potential buyers are looking for, and home styling recommendations to appeal to your target market during the appraisal process. 

Here are Nicole and Oliver’s top three tips to get the most out of peak-selling season:

Have an appraisal done as soon as possible.
This means you’ll have an adequate amount of time to prepare your home for eager buyers, all while saving you from unnecessary stress down the line and improving your chances of achieving the best possible outcomes. You'll also be connected with key contacts who specialise in readying homes for sale.
Remember first impressions count.
From the streetscape to the front fence, to the scent of your home which research shows should be neutral, it all adds up and creates an elevated experience for potential buyers. Engage professionals to ensure your home is in peak condition.
Ensure consistency across the look and feel of your home.
A cohesive style is paramount when it comes to getting your home market-ready for premium buyers. Ensure that the artwork, furniture and interior style matches the exterior as this will create more excitement and aspiration for buyers.
Insider insight: With trade shortages and supply prices increasing, buyers are looking seriously at homes where little renovation is required.
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There are simple but necessary steps you can take to unlock the true potential and value of your home."
Megan - Cooper Robinson

When it comes to getting your home market-ready, attention to detail is paramount. We spoke to expert stylists, Cooper Robinson, to bring you the best styling tips to get your home market-ready this Spring. They recommend decluttering as the first step. Think seriously about what you need versus what items are taking up unnecessary space and make honest decisions on what you can live without. Alternatively, hire a professional organiser to make the process even smoother. 

A professional cleaner is always going to get professional results. From the exterior, to the window panes, to the oven and vents, your home should be polished at every corner. This will make the selling process as easy and seamless as possible for you. 

Then, it’s time to style your home. To bring out the best your home has to offer, Cooper Robinson shares their top three tips:

The more light, the better
Consider installing fresh globes with warm lighting. Add lamps throughout the space, from table lamps to feature floor lamps.
Tonal colours are on trend.
Tonal, earthy shades are on trend this season, with a warmer colour palette mixing beautifully with staple grey items.
Mix and match materials.
Mixing textures and earthy materials creates a luxurious, lived-in feeling. Focus on materials drawn from nature such as timbers.
Why you should discover the potential value of your property.
1. Understand the value of your property.
2. Learn ways to prepare your home for sale.
3. Connect to our network of tradesmen that specialise in getting your home market-ready.
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