August 30, 2023
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What Buyers and Sellers Can Expect This Spring

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As we stand on the cusp of spring, both Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula's real estate sectors are signalling a marked shift in their annual rhythms.

The recent rise in listings preludes what many experts predict will be a transformative season for the property market reflecting a strategic recalibration amongst homeowners. 

Industry insiders hold an optimistic view of the impending months, forecasting a significant boost in available stock and increased buyer engagement. Historically, spring’s onset ushers in an upsurge of property listings, setting the stage for thriving market activity. 

Currently, there’s a pronounced inclination towards turnkey properties, a trajectory borne from the hurdles associated with the renovation process, particularly with recent increased costs of construction and materials. Additionally, sellers find themselves in a favourable position compared to the years preceding the pandemic, buoyed by the positive market sentiment looming over the impending spring months. 

This season’s activity departs from the usual. The market’s precocity this year, particularly the 19% surge in property listings in Melbourne over the past month, defies conventional wisdom. Analysts attribute this shift to property investors reconsidering their portfolios in light of escalating rates and regulatory constraints. The ensuing result—a confluence of traditional owner-occupiers, downsizers, and investors—creates a dynamic pre-spring marketplace. 

Seller Insights: 


Proactive Strategy:

The trend towards earlier listings isn’t spontaneous but strategic. Amidst escalating costs and regulatory challenges, property owners seem to favour a more proactive stance in the market with insight-led agent advice.

Measuring the Pulse:

Data from Marshall White presents an ambitious leap with sales opportunities nearly doubling from 24 auctions in 2022 to 38 in the same August weekend in 2023, delineating the market’s heightened activity and momentum.

Pricing Nuances:

A rise of listings necessitates accurate pricing strategies. While optimism is encouraged, it must coexist with the ebb and flow of supply and demand.

Immaculate Presentation:

While buyer confidence is high, to ensure your home stands out from the rest, presentation is everything. Staging, general maintenance, and landscaping often means the difference of tens to hundreds of thousands in a sale price. A worthy investment that will likely pay for itself.




Buyer Considerations: 


Expanded Opportunity:

The early influx of listings offers potential buyers a broad spectrum of properties spanning both Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Changing Dynamics:

Spring’s usual competitive edge for buyers might see a nuanced shift with the new listing rhythm, potentially offering buyers slightly more leverage with more motivated sellers this year.

Research is Key:

The plethora of choices underscores the significance of thorough research and due diligence. Desirable properties at discerning prices will naturally attract attention, emphasising the importance of informed market navigation.

This spring, we anticipate the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula property markets to be active and evolving. Buyers can expect a wider selection of listings, while sellers will see keen interest. It’s an exciting season ahead, underpinned by informed decision-making and a renewed sense of optimism.