March 08, 2018
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The Owner-Renter Relationship

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Get the best out of your Owner-Renter relationship.

As Property Management specialists, we take into consideration that every owner and renter is unique, with differing views, expectations and beliefs. Despite differences in expectations, our role is to seamlessly manage this central relationship between owner and renter, ensuring all parties are complying with their responsibilities.

Increasingly, a proportion of owners are homeowners relocating for work and need to rent out their cherished family homes. As such, owners may hold higher expectations of renters due to the emotional connection to a property that was once their home.

At the other end of the spectrum, some owners may not invest as much emotional value in a rental or investment property and in some cases, the corresponding level of maintenance will reflect that.

Renters too have varying expectations of owners. An increasing trend for long term renters, that is people who rent the same home for many consecutive years, wish to make their rental property a home and may have comparatively higher expectations when it comes to the condition and appearance of a rental property.

Renters who rent on a short term basis or are in a different stage of life may have less interest in maintaining a home to an owner’s expected standards.

A good renter is one who takes a responsible approach to renting, maintaining the condition of their home and who pays their rent on time. We screen prospective renters to verify their employment and income, as well as checking owner, employment and personal references. By running these checks property managers are able to form a picture of who the renter is and their rental history.

An outstanding renter is one who also looks after the home as if it were their own. A useful document for both parties to reference is the condition report, a document that details the property’s condition at the commencement of the lease.

Starting the tenancy on the right foot, with the property in the best possible state sets the tone for mutual respect between owners and renters. Renters are more likely to respect their property if the owner leads by example. We encourage owners to swiftly approve repairs and to take the time and effort to refresh their properties in between tenancies.

Marshall White Property Management experts are available to guide both owners and renters, acting as an intermediary and assisting owners in vetting and placing high calibre renters to match the quality of the property.

For more information refer to our handy Owners Handbook and Renter Guide or contact Marshall White Property Management on (03 9822 8711). If you are looking for your next investment see our current properties for sale.