August 10, 2020
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Preparing for the Spring Market in Lockdown

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The one thing we are all used to now is having an abundance of time in lockdown. Using our time productively for home improvement projects will not only make our lockdown periods fly by, it will also give you a head start if you are preparing for a spring sale.

While you won’t be able to engage in routine and non-urgent maintenance tradespeople or stylists until the end of lockdown you can assess which jobs you can manage yourself and which to leave until you can get professional assistance.

First Impressions Count

Initial impressions are lasting so make sure the street appeal of your home invites further inspection. A fresh coat of paint or even a more contemporary colour scheme will add enormous value. Even just mowing the lawn, repairing any damage, trimming the foliage and planting for some spring colour will make a huge difference.

Clean and Clear

Presentation inside is key to creating that wow factor that will give your home an edge over the competition. Once you have given it a deep spring clean you will know whether a coat of paint is also required. While you are cleaning you will be able to begin the de-cluttering process. It’s amazing how much “stuff” we accumulate that we really don’t need. When you think you have de-cluttered enough you’ll need to de-clutter even more. The aim is to make the rooms feel and look more spacious and flow better.

Style to Wow

Clearing shelves and cupboards will get you so far but presenting a house for sale would usually require professional styling. You can give your home a quick makeover just by moving furniture and adding cushions, throws and plants. But there is a real art to styling a property. Searching the internet and property websites will offer plenty of inspiration if you are confident of attempting to style your home yourself.