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Real Estate Market News
Multiple factors, large and small, all play a part

Auctions took a hiatus this past weekend due to the Labour Day long weekend and clients making the most of the opportunity to take a break.

Recent developments such as the election result and interest rate cut have certainly affected attitudes, including the pervading media sentiment. This is a big reminder for everyone of the variety of factors that affect how, why and when homes change hands. These macro factors have an unavoidable effect, however micro factors have equally as strong an impact. Every home has a story, every homeowner and every buyer. When we enter negotiations with clients and buyers, multiple additional factors such as personality types, emotion and past buying and selling history all have an impact on expectations. Our job as agents is to navigate these elements and more, resulting in the best outcomes for our clients.

Our marketing strategy and approach is shaped for specific objectives in every instance. We invite you to get in touch with us over the coming weeks to discuss any real estate plans you may be considering for the reminder of 2019 and beyond.

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