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Real Estate Market News
Maximise the Spring Market Opportunities

As we are now into the swing of spring, it is timely to note that we are also approaching Christmas with some speed – at least in a real estate planning sense! For those planning to sell prior to the end of the year, you only have 9 auction Saturdays to select from taking into account school holiday periods, Spring Racing Carnival, AFL Grand Final and other distractions. So even with 3 and a half months left before Santa arrives, you should be positioning yourself carefully now. Also be prepared, as many of our vendors are at this time of year, to take advantage of alternative auction options. For example, with daylight savings just around the corner, the allure of warmer weather makes mid-week “twilight” auctions a marvelous alternative to the traditional Saturday timetable. Be different and look for a way to stand aside from the crowd!

Those wishing to buy should also be carefully considering options. While there is inevitably a bit more to choose from in terms of houses on market, there are always buyers attracted to look at this time of the year specifically knowing that they will have the benefit of additional choice. The supply/demand ratio that you hope to tip in buyers’ favours doesn’t always end up doing so. Quite often the realisation comes too late that the competition still follows despite more stock and buyers get to the end of November and all of a sudden notice that Christmas is upon them and no house to put under the tree!

In short: buy the right house when you see it rather than hoping for more for your money, get ready to move swiftly or be left empty-handed and plan your sale to maximise your opportunities even if it seems like hard work – the pain will be over in no time once you move into your new home!

Justin Long


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